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A premium tracking platform made affordable: use Swaarm to simplify, automate and optimize your marketing efforts.

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Watch your campaign results skyrocket

Campaign management made easy

Our intuitive platform appeals to developers, marketers, and business models alike - automatically import and set up offers immediately.

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In-depth reporting in an instant

Our extensive reporting features means you can use Swaarm as your single source of performance marketing truth. Monitor tracking and revenue numbers in real-time, and discover patterns to better understand where to direct your efforts - all from the one dashboard.

Unlock the power of automation

Our automation tool allows marketers to manage billions of events within seconds, and derive the insights they need to more efficiently operate their business. It’s campaign optimization in a fraction of the time - so you can spend more energy focusing on business-critical work.

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Prevent fraud in real-time

Spend your budgets with confidence thanks to our automated fraud prevention tools. Gain full control over your traffic, including options to filter clicks and impressions in real-time, ensuring brand safety for your partners and higher conversion rates.

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Our products have been engineered from the ground up, and we’re constantly developing them in line with clients’ needs, new market requirements, and for all business models. Our versatility is our greatest strength: we adapt to your needs, not the other way around.

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Swaarm offers an affordable and ease of use platform, without compromising on quality. With our flexible pricing options, businesses of all sizes can benefit from our premium features at a fraction of the cost of other providers.

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To keep your business running smoothly, Swaarm offers the highest level of platform stability in the industry. We also uphold global data privacy protection laws, making sure your data is always protected.

Success speaks louder than words

Discover why Swaarm consistently receives the highest customer marks. Our clients appreciate the excellence in solutions, service, and support that defines us, making us the go-to choice for businesses seeking success.

Migration with a click of a button

Switching to Swaarm is easy. We automate your data migration from one platform to another, including all existing data and campaigns, so you can get started right away – without impacting your daily business. Our experts are also on hand to help every step of the way.


Award-winning technology and service

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