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Swaarm is an affordable, easy-to-use platform for successfully measuring, optimizing, and automating your marketing efforts.

Real-time tracking on high-performance infrastructure
Data-driven campaign automation and optimization
The right ad for the right user, at the right time
Cost-effective handling at scale

Why Choose Our Platform?

We are the first-ever ad tech tracking platform to have been perfected together with real clients’ input to make each action simpler, faster, and better.
We beat our competition by offering:
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    5x speed in generating key insights
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    2x efficiency in team bandwidth
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    Onboarding as simple as a click
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    Most economic pricing in the industry
  • Let us help you beat yours!

    Our Solutions

    We understand your challenges – and we built Swaarm to overcome them.

    Automation made right
    Swaarm is a widely proven technical platform handling more than 30 billion events per day. With our experience and by listening to companies like yours, we created the tools to automatically approve your offers, switch off traffic sources that don’t perform according to advertisers’ KPI, and efficiently scale your campaigns.
    In-depth reporting made instant
    Swaarm caters to all users when it comes to their reporting needs. Business users can query billions of real time events in seconds using just drag and drop actions. For our BI enthusiasts, we offer advanced data science tools that allow you to run SQL and Python notebooks across your realtime and historical data. All this directly on the platform, with zero set-up and no third party fees and integration pains.
    Changing to Swaarm made easy
    You want to switch to Swaarm, but fear the hassle? Don’t worry - we have built adapters to easily fill Swaarm with all the information from other platforms. Our expert team supports you with a seamless transition, ensuring advertising campaigns are transferred fast and without any revenue loss. You manage the partners, we manage the rest.
    Fraud and low CR made obsolete
    Automated fraud prevention means less time spent on manually monitoring campaigns. By leveraging Swaarm’s integrated click and postback shield, you have full control over your traffic, including options to filter events in real-time. We execute fraud protection in a fully automated way – ensuring brand safety for your partners and higher CR (conversion rates).

    Everyone Can Work with Swaarm!

    You don't have to be an expert or a developer to use our performance marketing platform across mobile and desktop. We made things simple and easy to use, so that everyone quickly becomes a pro in Swaarm.

    Popular Features

    Benefit from features that make a difference and help you grow your business.

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    Our Pricing

    No matter how big or small your company may be, we have the right package for you to accelerate your growth!


    $599 / Month


    About Us

    Based in Berlin, Swaarm is a performance-based tracking platform. Our mission is to provide an innovative and easy-to-use ad-tracking solution that helps agencies, advertisers and networks grow their business at scale, by benefiting from the power of automation.

    Our market-leading technology enables our clients to successfully manage, track, analyze and optimize performance marketing campaigns in real-time. It empowers them by making each action faster, simpler and better.

    Swaarm is led by a dedicated and experienced developer team that believes in co-creation and open thinking. This is why our platform is engineered from the ground up and continuously evolves with our partners’ needs – ultimately helping them make better data-driven decisions and drive up their efficiency, with the best value for money.

    Meet Our Team

    The people who make the magic happen.

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  • Yogeeta Chainani
    Yogeeta Chainani

    Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

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  • Alexandru Dumitru
    Alexandru Dumitru

    Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

  • Trusted by Innovative Businesses in the Advertising Industry Worldwide

    Here is what they had to say:

    • Oleksandra Gipsh
      Oleksandra Gipsh

      Co-Founder & COO, Apptrust

    "The Swaarm platform itself is very intuitive and the automation rules are next level. Instead of doing repetitive work such as pushing offers to publishers or blacklisting sub ID’s, our Account Managers can automate these processes and can now focus on value creating tasks."

    • Niko Eitan Pismenny
      Niko Eitan Pismenny

      Founder & CEO, AppnApp

    "Changing to the Swaarm platform was a smooth and easy process. The migration of campaigns was seamless and the team supported us every step of the way during the onboarding process. We are impressed with the level of customer service from their support team."

    • Or Amitai
      Or Amitai

      Founder & CEO, Nexamob

    "One is always cautious when switching tech providers and in this case from one tracking platform to another. But with Swaarm this was not a problem. We did not lose any data or campaigns during the migration phase and overall we felt that the whole Swaarm team did take great care of us and our business. Overall a great experience!"

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