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Swaarm simplifies your performance marketing

We’re redefining the world of performance marketing: Swaarm’s versatile platform has been built to solve your most common pain points. Learn more about our products and how they can help improve the success of your campaigns.



Our market-leading technology allows you to successfully implement and manage your campaigns in seconds. Easily configure your offers across your most successful channels, and make data-backed decisions to get ahead of your competition.

Features include:

Network syncer & automated offer import

Automatically import and set up offers from a vast amount of partners, increasing efficiency.

Smart links

As a CPM publisher, show the right advert to the right user based on our advanced machine-learning algorithms.

Data-driven advanced targeting

Leverage real-time restriction of geo, devices, traffic-type, carriers, and other custom data to increase ROI.


Our extensive reporting tools mean you can use Swaarm as your single source of performance marketing truth. With your data in one place, you can implement and measure all your marketing efforts - all from one dashboard.

Features include:

Intuitive dashboard

See tracking, revenue, and profit numbers in real-time for data-driven, proactive decision-making.

Granular analytics

Dive deeper into your data - we provide three times the analytics than competitors’ platforms, including 25 dimensions and 20 measures.

Sharing capabilities

Consolidate your monthly numbers with your partners’ data for speedy and efficient billing, or download and send conversion reports to them with ease.


We offer the highest level of automation at the lowest price point, helping you scale faster and maximize ROI. Our tools can, for example, automatically approve offers and switch off traffic sources that aren’t performing - so you can spend more energy focusing on business-critical work.

Features include:

Instant analytics management

Our “Explorer” tool helps you manage millions of events within seconds. Drag and drop data for quick sorting and filtering, and analyze data across campaigns, publisher and sub-publisher segments.

Automated optimization

Setting rules will help you boost revenue and conversion rates in a fraction of the time - enforce automatic bid and budget changes depending on whether the campaign reaches your KPIs.

Real-time fraud prevention

Ensure brand safety and higher conversion rates for your partners by leveraging Swaarm’s integrated click and postback shield. We give you full control over your traffic, including options to filter events (eg impressions and clicks) in real-time.

Leading brands choose Swaarm for its:


Providing the highest level of platform stability in the industry.


Making campaign optimization accessible to everyone, no matter your engineering skills.

Ease of switching

Migrating all existing data and campaigns, so you can get started straight away.

Tailored solutions

Supporting all business models from mobile apps, and content to lead generation on Web (desktop).

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A premium platform, affordable to all

Unlike other tracking platforms, our unique tech infrastructure allows us to spend less on expensive data storage – and offer clients a premium platform at a fraction of the cost. Businesses of all sizes, from global companies to boutique agencies, can afford to use Swaarm to optimize their campaigns.

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