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Accelerate your app growth with Swaarm MMP

Unlock the full potential of your app growth with the comprehensive toolset of Swaarm’s Measurement & Analytics Platform.

Maximise campaign success, attribute users, measure and grow your apps, manage your partners, and gain full insights into your users – all in one platform.

Swaarm MMP

Measure and scale

Track everything, assess pertinent data, and unlock valuable insights for effective decision-making.
Make smart decisions fast with data you can rely on. 

Actionable attribution

Uncover the complete user journey with our cutting-edge tracking technology. Make informed decisions using transparent and innovative campaign measurements for maximum success.

Advanced Privacy Suite

Ensure compliant advertising functionality with our industry-first privacy suite, available on all app environments and the web, without complex integrations.

All-in-one platform

Efficiently track, measure, optimize, and manage your partners on one centralized interface - the all-in-one solution to maximize your growth.

Transparent fraud detection

Leverage customizable advanced fraud detection and prevention technology for your specific domain and use case with transparency at its core.


Unlock deeper insights with our advanced analytics tools to gain deeper
knowledge of user behavior.

Effortless integration

Connect any analytics dashboard (e.g., Tableau, Looker) instantly. Free up your data engineers for product development.

Seamless data access

Full access to your data, on our infrastructure, or on yours. Cut costs with on-the-spot analysis, identify the right users, and track advanced statistics.

All your insights in one place

Slice and dice data in pivot tables using our Explorer tool and craft intricate custom dashboards with ease in our SQL Studio.

Expand your audience reach and re-engage with existing users

Implement personalized and targeted re-engagement campaigns by analyzing user cohorts generated by Swaarm’s advanced analytics tools.

Code-less tracking

Independent event tracking made for Marketers. Experience seamless integration and event tracking from your mobile app via Swaarm UI – a unique feature that requires no code modification.  

Pay Partners

Streamline your partner payments with automated solutions,
handling everything from payment setup to actual disbursement.

Seamless payments

Effortlessly create and track partner payments directly in Swaarm using real-time stats tracked in the platform.

Automated solution

Automatically generate payments for all partners without any manual intervention, regardless of the number of partners.

One-click payments

Easily pay all your partners with just a single click of a button.

Everything you need to manage your partners


Make data-driven decisions and scale your apps at a better price point
with the highest level of automation.

Operational workflows simplified

Employ full automation to reduce your operational workload by up to 70%, no coding skills required.

Customized campaign optimization

Save time with automated campaign optimization using customized rules aligned with your KPIs and performance goals. Think of a logical rule that will help you - we will automate it for you!

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