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Website tracking

browser fingerprinting
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Everything you need to know about browser fingerprinting

In 2021, the digital advertising spend was $522.5 billion, a figure that is projected to increase to $836 billion by 2026. With so many companies …

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website visitor tracking
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Driving growth with website tracking: A complete guide for businesses

  Companies spend a lot of money on marketing. For example, in 2022 alone, the marketing spending of online businesses surpassed $480 billion. Today, marketing …

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Understanding website tracking: a complete guide

Today, website tracking has become an integral part of many online businesses’ marketing strategies. In a nutshell, web tracking refers to the exercise of collecting …

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marketing automation can supercharge your website tracking
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8 Ways marketing automation can supercharge your website tracking

Website tracking and marketing automation are two powerful tools that, if combined, can bring great results. Before we dive into the details, here are a …

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