We are proud to share the fantastic news that Swaarm has been featured in the G2 Winter 2023 reports, earning multiple badges that speak volumes about the quality and impact of our solutions.


G2’s quarterly badges are awarded based on genuine and verified reviews, considering factors such as the authenticity of each review, its recency, the provided feedback, and whether the reviewer is actively utilizing the product or solution for their business.


Just like the Winter Reports from G2 act as a compass for buyers navigating the vast landscape of software and services, our inclusion and accolades signify that Swaarm is a go-to all-in-one marketing solution. 


G2, a trusted platform for user reviews, competitive comparisons, and market insights, has acknowledged Swaarm’s excellence through a series of badges that underscore our commitment to delivering top-notch solutions.



G2 Winter Report highlights


100% of users rated Swaarm with 5 stars in Affiliate Marketing and Marketing Analytics. Swaarm has been featured in a total of 10 G2 reports and received 5 badges based on a high customer satisfaction score:


High Performer” Grid® Report for Affiliate Marketing

High Performer” Small-Business Grid® Report for Affiliate Marketing

Users Most Likely To Recommend” Small-Business Results Index for Affiliate Marketing

Users Most Likely To Recommend” Results Index for Affiliate Marketing

Easiest Setup” Small-Business Implementation Index for Affiliate Marketing 


G2 Badges


We thank our users for sharing their experiences using Swaarm. Your feedback and experiences have been instrumental in shaping Swaarm into the powerful and effective tool it is today. We understand the importance of your insights in propelling us forward on our journey of innovation and transformation.


“I am proud to lead a team that embraces constant evolution to address the dynamic needs of our clients and the ever-changing demands of the digital marketing world. The feedback from our users catalyzes our growth, propelling us to refine and enhance our offerings continuously. We understand the significance of reviews in establishing trust with both our current and future clients. In a landscape where only 10% of potential buyers find the transparency and visibility they desire from vendor-supplied content, your reviews become powerful beacons, guiding others to discover the true value that Swaarm brings to the table.” 

Yogeeta Chainani, Co -founder & CEO of Swaarm


Allow our customers to share their experiences

Here are some standout reviews featured on Swaarm’s G2 profile:



G2 Winter 2023 reports

“Empowering Your Marketing Efforts with Ease and Efficiency”

Swaarm is not just a tool; it’s an essential part of my daily work routine. It eliminates the problems I used to face in performance marketing. 


G2 Winter 2023 reports

“Great platform!”

Easy to use, all needed options and tools are provided. Also, it’s very convenient to analyse data and create reports.


G2 Winter 2023 reports

“Swaarm is a game-changer in the digital marketing world”

Swaarm is a must-have for any marketer looking to elevate their campaigns.


G2 Winter 2023 reports


Support is super responsive and the interface is very useful for fast-paced work. I have used other platforms but this one is superior to others.


G2 Winter 2023 reports

“Very user-friendly and reliable platform”

Their reports are the best I’ve used in the industry, everything loads super fast and we have access to all the dimensions and metrics we need.



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