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Data access controls

Data access controls refer to security measures that restrict access to data based on user roles and permissions.


  Data refers to statistics and facts that we collect for analysis or reference.   Data, the foundation of modern marketing, refers to the collection, analysis, and interpretation of information used in strategic decision-making processes and marketing initiatives. Understanding customer behavior and optimizing strategies is essential when it comes to driving business growth. Let’s delve […]

Domain spoofing

Fraudsters use domain spoofing to impersonate themselves, like a famous person or business, using fake emails or websites.

Device farms

Device farms are a kind of mobile ad fraud wherein many mobile devices are kept at a specific location

Demo call

A demo call is a sales demonstration or demo that sales reps deliver to a potential client


A distributor is an agent who supplies or delivers goods to retailers.

Direct sales

Direct sales refer to a manufacturer or seller selling products or services to the customer

Data visualization

  Data visualization is the representation of information or data collected in the form of a picture, diagram, graph, etc.   They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Our brains are more ready to process visual data than regular data. In simple terms, data visualization is the practice and art of visually representing […]

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a segment of marketing that uses online-based technologies such as mobile phones,