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First-click attribution

  First-click attribution is a method used in marketing to attribute full credit to the first touchpoint in a customer’s journey that leads to a conversion. It is a simple and straightforward model that assigns all credit for a conversion to the initial interaction that introduced the customer to the brand or product.   The […]


Fraudsters are people who perpetrate fraudulent or illegitimate activities such as ad fraud, mobile fraud, etc.

Fake clicks

Fake clicks refer to clicks that come from click farms or bots that disguise themselves as humans.

Floating ads

Floating ads are ads that first appear on a webpage when you open it. They may float or fly away in 5 to 30 seconds.

Frequency capping

Frequency capping is a feature that helps limit the number of times a video or display ad appears to a person.

Fake installs

Fake installs refer to mobile fraud wherein fraudsters manage to fake the installation of an advertised app

F2P model

The F2P model is a business model that allows players to gain free access