Invalid traffic

Invalid traffic refers to any activity from a fake user with no genuine interest.

In-page push ads

In-page push ads are similar to push ads. But they are banner ads displayed on a publisher’s website

In-app purchases (IAP)

In-app purchases, or IAP, refer to users’ ability to purchase additional services or content using an app.

Install per mille (IPM)

Install per mille (IPM) refers to the number of times people installed your game or app per every thousand ad impressions.

Indirect sales

Indirect sales refer to the sales done by third-party individuals or companies such as affiliates and partners.

Inbox rate

Inbox rate is a metric that measures how many emails land up in the inbox rather than bouncing or landing up in the spam folder.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is the process of utilizing external content creators to engage or advocate your brand’s message