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Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) 

  Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) serves as a unique, user-resettable identifier assigned to iOS devices by Apple. It functions as a critical component in targeted advertising, allowing advertisers to track user activity and deliver personalized advertisements while providing users control over their data privacy. This identifier plays a significant role in ad targeting, measurement, and attribution within […]

In-app actions

  In mobile applications, the term “in-app actions” pulsates at the core of user engagement, representing the dynamic interactions users perform within an app. These actions, whether making a purchase, sharing content, or completing a level in a game, are the heartbeat of user engagement, shaping the user experience and indicating the app’s vitality. Exploring the […]

In-app advertising

What is in-App Advertising?   Simply put, in-app advertising refers to placing advertisements within mobile applications or software. This form of advertising enables marketers to reach their potential customers or target audience in a contextually relevant and non-intrusive manner, enhancing the overall user experience while generating revenue for app developers.   1. Definition and Types […]


    Instagrammers actively use and engage on the social media platform Instagram. They are content creators, influencers, and users who contribute to the vibrant and diverse Instagram community. With their creative content, engaging storytelling, and growing follower base, Instagrammers play a significant role in shaping trends, influencing opinions, and driving engagement on the platform.     […]


Integration refers to the process of combining or connecting different systems,

In-house performance marketing platform

If an advertising company uses its own web developers to build a performance marketing platform, <!–more–>it is called an in-house performance marketing platform.

Invalid traffic

  Invalid traffic refers to any activity from a fake user with no genuine interest.   Invalid traffic   Invalid traffic refers to any interaction with digital content that is not generated by a genuine user with a legitimate interest in the content. This encompasses various forms of fraudulent activity that artificially inflate traffic metrics and […]

In-page push ads

In-page push ads are similar to push ads. But they are banner ads displayed on a publisher’s website

In-app purchases (IAP)

  In-app purchases, or IAP, refer to users’ ability to purchase additional services or content using an app.   In-app purchases are a fundamental monetization strategy for mobile apps, transforming free downloads into revenue-generating powerhouses.   In today’s digital landscape, understanding the ins and outs of in-app purchases is essential for app developers and businesses […]