Proxy traffic

Proxy traffic refers to traffic fraudsters generate by changing the IP addresses of their device to make their device look different.

Pixel stuffing

Pixel stuffing is a form of impression fraud. Fraudsters place multiple ads inside a 1×1 pixel

Popup ads

Popup ads are advertisements that open up in a new window when a user is on an online browsing session.

Popunder ads

Popunder ads are non-intrusive pop ads that display on the entire screen and behind these ads is an active browser window.

Push notification ads

Push notification ads are usually consent-based ads delivered to a user’s device through the mobile app or a website.

Premium ad networks

Premium ad networks are ad networks that hold the inventory of the most popular publishers.

Partner lifecycle stages

Partner lifecycle stages include identifying, recruiting, onboarding, engagement, cultivation, and innovation.

Partner program

Partner program enables companies to connect with channel partners who provide marketing support to get

Partner ecosystem

Partner ecosystem refers to the network of partners in the world of partnerships that work towards

Partner life cycle management

Partner life cycle management refers to the strategies that businesses follow to maintain relationships with their partners.