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Personalized advertising

    Personalized advertising, also known as targeted advertising or customized advertising, is a marketing strategy that aims to deliver tailored advertisements to individual users based on their specific interests, preferences, demographics, or behaviors. It involves using data-driven techniques and technologies to create personalized ad experiences that resonate with each user on a more individual […]

Privacy impact assessment (PIA)

  A Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) is a process used to assess the potential impact a project or initiative may have on individual privacy rights. It is a tool that helps organizations identify and mitigate privacy risks associated with their activities.   A PIA aims to identify potential privacy risks associated with a project or […]

Private browsing mode

  Private browsing mode, or incognito mode, is a privacy feature in most modern web browsers that allows users to browse the web without leaving a record of their online activity. When using private browsing mode, the browser does not save any data related to the user’s browsing history, cookies, form data, or search queries. […]


Pageview is a term used in web analytics to measure the number of times visitors have viewed a webpage

Proxy traffic

Proxy traffic refers to traffic fraudsters generate by changing the IP addresses of their device to make their device look different.

Pixel stuffing

Pixel stuffing is a form of impression fraud. Fraudsters place multiple ads inside a 1×1 pixel

Popup ads

Popup ads are advertisements that open up in a new window when a user is on an online browsing session.

Popunder ads

Popunder ads are non-intrusive pop ads that display on the entire screen and behind these ads is an active browser window.

Push notification ads

Push notification ads are usually consent-based ads delivered to a user’s device through the mobile app or a website.