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Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

  Personally Identifiable Information (PII) refers to any data or information that can be used to identify, locate, or contact an individual. This encompasses various elements, from basic identifiers like name, address, or phone number to more sensitive details such as social security number, financial records, or biometric data.    PII holds immense significance in data […]

Pain points

What are the pain points?   Pain points refer to specific problems, challenges, or frustrations that customers experience in their lives or while interacting with products, services, or systems.    They represent the areas of dissatisfaction or unmet needs that customers seek to address or overcome. Identifying and understanding pain points is crucial for businesses as […]

Personalized advertising

    Personalized advertising, also known as targeted advertising or customized advertising, is a marketing strategy that aims to deliver tailored advertisements to individual users based on their specific interests, preferences, demographics, or behaviors. It involves using data-driven techniques and technologies to create personalized ad experiences that resonate with each user on a more individual […]

Privacy impact assessment (PIA)

  A Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) is a process used to assess the potential impact a project or initiative may have on individual privacy rights. It is a tool that helps organizations identify and mitigate privacy risks associated with their activities.   A PIA aims to identify potential privacy risks associated with a project or […]

Private browsing mode

  Private browsing mode, or incognito mode, is a privacy feature in most modern web browsers that allows users to browse the web without leaving a record of their online activity. When using private browsing mode, the browser does not save any data related to the user’s browsing history, cookies, form data, or search queries. […]


Pageview is a term used in web analytics to measure the number of times visitors have viewed a webpage

Proxy traffic

Proxy traffic refers to traffic fraudsters generate by changing the IP addresses of their device to make their device look different.

Pixel stuffing

Pixel stuffing is a form of impression fraud. Fraudsters place multiple ads inside a 1×1 pixel

Popup ads

Popup ads are advertisements that open up in a new window when a user is on an online browsing session.