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Targeted advertising

  What is targeted advertising?   Targeted advertising, also known as personalized advertising or precision advertising, is a marketing approach that aims to deliver relevant advertisements to specific individuals or groups of users based on their characteristics, behaviors, interests, or demographics. It uses data-driven techniques and technologies to tailor advertising messages and placements to reach […]

TCPA violation

A TCPA violation occurs when a business does some activities to break the rules set forth by TCPA,

Traffic source

The traffic source refers to the origin of how people found your website.

Top-selling products

Top-selling products are extremely popular items that the company sells in larger quantities than products from other brands.

Trial period

The trial period is the duration of time companies give to their clients to test the product for free.

Target audience

A target audience is a specific group of people who are likely to buy a product and become customers.

Tracking link

A tracking link is a URL with appended tags – or parameters – that can be used to indicate which channel