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  A workflow is a sequence of interconnected tasks to finish a specific goal or project. It is a structured and repeatable process that enables teams to work more efficiently and effectively, ensuring tasks are completed logically and systematically. Workflows are used in various industries and can be applied to any process involving multiple tasks or steps. […]

Website tracking code

Website tracking code, also known as web tracking code or web beacon, is a small piece of code

Web beacon

A small, transparent image called a web beacon, also known as a pixel or tracking pixel

Website visitor tracking

Website visitor tracking refers to collecting data on website visitors’ behavior, including clicks, page views,

WordPress plugin

A software component that adds specific functionality to a WordPress website.

Website owner

  A website owner is a person or organization that owns and manages a website.   Owning a website in today’s digital landscape is like owning prime real estate on the vast global web. But what does it mean to own one, and why can it transform individual lives and businesses? Join us as we explore this […]


    A website is a collection of webpages that share a single domain name, are connected to the internet, and are publicly accessible.     What is a website?   A website is a collection of interconnected web pages accessed through a web browser. It is a virtual online representation of an individual, organization, […]


Waterfalling, also known as waterfall tags or daisy chains, is the process publishers use to sell their remnant inventory.