Pioneering the future of work in marketing technology


We are thrilled to announce that Swaarm has been awarded the prestigious “Employer of the Future” award by the German Innovation Institute, recognizing our commitment to shaping the future of work in the marketing technology landscape.


The selection process entailed a thorough examination of company data, encompassing factors like size, employee count, turnover, and turnover development.


The assessment delved into diverse facets of the company’s embrace of contemporary work practices. Queries spanned from evaluating home office provisions to assessing the availability of flextime schemes, employee benefits, and contributions to groundbreaking product innovations shaping the market.


The “Employer of the Future” seal is awarded based on five key assessment criteria:


  1. Modern Leadership
  2. Innovative Strength
  3. State of Digital Transformation
  4. Employee Friendliness
  5. Strategies for Recruiting


A recognition of forward-thinking workplace practices


The “Employer of the Future” award is a testament to Swaarm’s dedication to innovative workplace practices as a fully remote company that supports employee well-being, fosters creativity, and adapts to the evolving needs of our diverse workforce. This recognition highlights our commitment to staying ahead of the curve in an ever-changing business landscape.



Swaarm receives Employer of the Future Award

The Swaarm team during a global team event in Berlin in December 2022



Yogeeta Chainani, CEO of Swaarm, on the significance of the award


Yogeeta Chainani, our CEO, shares her thoughts on this achievement: “Receiving the ‘Employer of the Future’ award is an acknowledgment of our collective efforts at Swaarm. It reflects not only our commitment to shaping the future of marketing technology but also our dedication to creating a workplace that empowers and inspires our team members. This award is a validation of our journey towards excellence in fostering a dynamic and forward-thinking work environment.”


Innovation at the core of Swaarm’s success


The award recognizes Swaarm’s commitment to cultivating a culture of innovation that extends beyond our products and services. By actively encouraging a diverse range of perspectives and ideas, Swaarm has become a hub for innovations that propel both our company and the industry forward.


A glimpse into the future of work


As we celebrate this accolade, we look forward to continuing our journey of redefining work and contributing to the future of marketing technology. The “Employer of the Future” award serves as a catalyst for future endeavors, motivating us to maintain and elevate our commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and employee well-being.


Acknowledging the role of our team


While the award is a testament to Swaarm’s vision, it also highlights the invaluable contributions of each team member. Our success is a collective effort, and we share this recognition with every individual who is a part of Swaarm’s journey.


We are excited about the possibilities ahead and grateful for the recognition from the German Innovation Institute as we continue to lead in the dynamic landscape of marketing technology.



About the “Employer of the Future” Award


The prestigious “Employer of the Future” award, bestowed by the German Innovation Institute for Sustainability and Digitalisation (DIND), is designed to commend companies demonstrating excellence in contemporary leadership, innovation, digital transformation, employee-friendly practices, and effective recruiting strategies. With the backing of former Federal Minister of Economics Brigitte Zypries, this initiative is geared towards assisting companies in distinguishing themselves in the competitive “war for talents” and attracting young, skilled professionals amid a shortage in the workforce.