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Maximizing User Acquisition: How Nexamob Achieved Success Using Swaarm's Feed API Configurator

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Nexamobile (Nexamob), a global ad tech company, comprises a team of digital marketing and mobile advertising experts. Their team focuses on driving user acquisition and engagement, delivering both mobile performance and branding campaigns. Established in 2016, the company embodies a passion for and expertise in the digital marketing landscape.

The Objective

Nexamob, a seasoned digital marketing and mobile advertising player since 2016, aimed to further optimize its user acquisition efforts by leveraging Swaarm’s advanced features.

With a strong foundation in the industry, Nexamob sought to enhance its strategies by utilizing Swaarm’s innovative solutions to streamline operations and maximize performance.

The partnership between Nexamob and Swaarm set its solid foundation in Q1 2021 and has only experienced growth since.

The Challenge

Despite Nexamob’s expertise, they were looking to fine-tune their user acquisition strategies to meet evolving market demands efficiently.

Managing complex feed filtering configurations and aligning offers with diverse publisher requirements posed significant operational hurdles.

The Strategy

Swaarm executed a comprehensive strategy to achieve Nexamob’s objectives, focusing on these solutions:

The Result

Nexamob’s partnership with Swaarm yielded significant results, driving notable advancements in user acquisition efficiency and campaign performance for Nexamob.

Implementing the Feed API Configurator empowered Nexamob to fine-tune its feed filtering configurations, resulting in more precise alignment with publisher requirements and internal strategies.

By embracing Swaarm’s innovative solutions, including the Search Monetization feature launched in Q3 2023, Nexamob enhanced their campaign effectiveness and performance, positioning them for continued success in the competitive digital advertising landscape.

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"Working together with Swaarm has been a game-changer for us at Nexamob. Together, we've pioneered the Feed API Configurator, a groundbreaking feature that's revolutionized how we manage our campaigns. By fine-tuning feed filtering with precise setups, we've elevated our campaign effectiveness to new heights. Swaarm's collaborative approach ensured that this feature not only met our needs but surpassed them, perfectly aligning with our internal strategies. Plus, with the integration of Swaarm's Search Monetization tracking platform, we've seized exciting new opportunities in the market, expanding our advertising reach and impact. Our partnership with Swaarm continues to fuel our success, and we're excited to explore even more innovative solutions together"
Or Amitai
CEO Nexamob & Advertis Media