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Spyke Media

How Spyke Media migrated to Swaarm without losing a single click or conversion and achieved their profit goal within one quarter

Data loss
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Campaign Profit goal achieved and surpassed within the first 3 months

Spyke Media is a Mobile Marketing Agency with a global footprint that focuses on helping brands find the best audience for their mobile apps or mobile businesses. Founded in 2012 by mobile seed investor and incubator Venista Ventures from Cologne, Germany, the company has been rising at a fast pace as an all-around mobile marketing and advertising powerhouse. They empower app and mobile web advertisers to find the competitive edge to succeed in mobile.

The Objective

When Spyke Media made the decision to switch to a more reliable and innovative tracking platform provider they turned to Swaarm due to its advanced automation suite and analytics features. Being an easy-to-use, premium yet affordable tracking platform, Swaarm offered high platform stability, data reliability and reporting features that Spyke Media was looking for.

The goal was to provide a smooth and secure migration process from their old platform to Swaarm without any data loss and without affecting a single click or conversion so Spyke Media could start tracking their campaigns immediately and continue on maintaining their excellent customer relations as well as  focusing on scaling their business.

The Challenge

Changing tracking platform providers can be a daunting task as it often takes a lot of resources and manual effort to migrate from one platform to another, and there is still a risk for data and financial loss.

Losing any data is a mobile marketer’s worst nightmare as it is vital information that is required to scale campaigns and the business itself.

Being a trusted partner to its clients and a well established player within the ad tech industry, Spyke Media needed to be sure to not lose a single click or conversion during the migration process to Swaarm.

The Strategy

The Result

After the migration process, Swaarm became a  powerful tracking partner and analytical engine for Spyke Media. 

By offering the industry’s highest level of platform stability and advanced automation features  Swaarm turned out to be a reliable platform with which Spyke Media was able to gain real-time data insights that it was missing in its former platform provider.

As a result, Spyke media increased its campaign profitability by 100% within the first quarter of using Swaarm and kept growing in the following months.


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“Swaarm’s Migration Assistant made the process of changing to a new tracking platform an incredibly smooth and easy process. The campaign migration was seamless, completely automatic, and we had zero data loss.”
Alina Dobrzinsky
General Manager at Spyke Media GmbH