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App permissions

  App permissions refer to the privileges or access rights a user grants to a mobile application. When users download and install apps on their mobile devices, they are often prompted to grant permission to the app to access certain features or data on their device, such as the camera, microphone, location data, and contacts. […]


An affiliate is a person or company that promotes or sells products or services on behalf

Ad blocker

Ad blockers are software that people can use to prevent ads from appearing on a website.

App engagement

App engagement refers to the interaction between the user and an app.

Attribution credit

Attribution credit is assigning credit for conversions that come from various ads, clicks, or other factors.


An algorithm refers to a set of rules that computers or humans must follow to solve complex problems or other calculations.


Adware is any software that throws advertisements on a user’s screen


  Ads.txt refers to a text file companies, or brands can host on their web servers indicating which


An app is the short form of the word “application.” It is software that can be installed and run on mobile devices,