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App engagement

App engagement refers to the interaction between the user and an app.

Attribution credit

  Attribution credit is assigning credit for conversions that come from various ads, clicks, or other factors.   Attribution credit serves as the currency in digital marketing, representing value allocation to various touchpoints along the user journey. It plays a pivotal role in understanding the effectiveness of marketing efforts, attributing conversions, and optimizing strategies to […]


An algorithm refers to a set of rules that computers or humans must follow to solve complex problems or other calculations.


Adware is any software that throws advertisements on a user’s screen


  Ads.txt refers to a text file companies, or brands can host on their web servers indicating which


An app is the short form of the word “application.” It is software that can be installed and run on mobile devices,

Analog media

Analog media refers to media in the form of printed paper, recorded sound, film, video tapes, etc.

Ad stacking

  Ad stacking refers to mobile ad fraud in which numerous ads are stacked or layered on top of each other in a single ad placement.   What is ad stacking?   Ad stacking is a fraudulent practice in the digital advertising industry where fraudsters place multiple ads on top of each other in a […]

Ad inventory

Ad inventory refers to the total number of slots a publisher has on a website for advertising at a given time. Ad inventory is a term used to describe a publisher’s available ad space to sell to advertisers. Ad inventory can refer to the area on a website, social media platform, or other digital platforms […]

Ad space

Ad space refers to the designated area on the website or webpage dedicated to online ads.   What is ad space? Ad space refers to the physical or virtual location where the target audience can see an advertisement. Ad space can refer to various formats and platforms, including print, digital, outdoor, and broadcast media.   […]