Cyber attacks

Cyber attacks are the attempts that hackers make to destroy or damage a computer system or network.

Click fraud

Click fraud refers to all the fraudulent techniques that fraudsters use, such as bots, to generate fake clicks.

Click-to-install-time (CTIT)

Click-to-install-time (CTIT) refers to the time a user takes to install and open the app from when they first clicked on the ad.

Cookie stuffing

Cookie stuffing or cookie dropping refers to fraudsters’ illegitimate method of dropping various affiliate cookies on the

Connected TV

A connected TV is also a smart tv that integrates internet and Web 2.0 features.

Control panel

The Control panel is a graphical interface that permits users to manage various features and settings.

Carrier targeting

Carrier targeting lets you target users and prospects based on their mobile carriers.

Contextual advertising

In contextual advertising, ads get placed on a webpage based on its content, thus making the ad more relevant


Cost per mile or CPM means cost per mile or thousand impressions. It is an advertising option that