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How Swaarm helped Ads And More to accelerate their business growth right after company launch

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Ads and More is a London-based mobile marketing agency that offers promotion and scaling for big and small brands and apps. It was founded in June 2021 by Iuliana Popa, Alin Mihalache, and Nicolae Uciu and operates on a global level.

By using only the best tools and delivering high-quality service, it helps its clients to accelerate their company growth and strives towards creating a media brand that is open, flexible, and transparent while continuously working to become better every day.

The objective

Having founded their company in June 2021, Ads And More needed a reliable performance-based tracking solution that would enable them to scale fast while operating with a lean setup. 

Ads and More turned to Swaarm as they needed a performance-based tracking platform that offered not only state-of-the-art campaign management and advanced automation features but also a powerful analytics tool to access critical insights to gain a competitive edge.

Being an easy-to-use, premium yet affordable tracking platform, Swaarm offered the flexibility and data reliability that was required to successfully kick start their newly founded company.

The challenge

The Adtech industry is a highly competitive market and launching a new mobile marketing company can be a challenge, especially during a pandemic when resources may be limited.

In order to grow, Ads and More had to provide the best guidance for clients’ advertising needs, maintain quality and transparency, get more interactions on the client‘s app, and deliver the best results to reach clients’ marketing and sales goals. 

It was crucial to automate repetitive processes in order to be able to focus on value-adding tasks with a small team and to have access to real-time insights in order to make fast data-backed decisions to get ahead of their competition.

“Not only did Swaarm become our tracking partner, but it felt like we were one team working towards the same goal.”
Iuliana Popa
Co-founder and CEO, ads and More

The strategy

Integration of all the MMP’s (Mobile Measurement Partners)

Swaarm supported Ads and More with the integration of all the required MMPs like Appsflyer, Adjust, Branch, etc. as well as the set-up of other advertisers on the platform without any data loss.

Default Optimization Rules

Swaarm provided Ads And More with an automation suite that allowed them to complete otherwise lengthy and manual tasks at a humanly impossible speed saving their team time to focus on data analysis and customer relations.

Swaarm’s default optimization rules ensured that ads would reach the right audience and gave Ads And More the flexibility to configure different strategies to improve the performance of their offers by driving high quality traffic ultimately resulting in higher revenue.

Statistics and Reports with Real-Time Data

With the rich statistics and granular data insights available on the Swaarm platform, Ads And More was able to easily track performance and make data-backed decisions.

The powerful reporting tool, Explorer, allowed Ads And More to slice and dice the data in real-time and create granular reports to download directly from the platform in the desired format guaranteeing minimum effort and maximum insights at the push of a button.

24/7 Technical Support

With the customized onboarding process and the 24/7 technical support Swaarm became their go-to tech expert and provided a personalised and dedicated service allowing Ads and More to achieve high results with a small team.

The Result

With Swaarm as their tracking partner, Ads And More delivered significantly more interactions, with better quality on their clients’ Apps which resulted in reaching their client’s marketing and sales goals.

With Swaarm’s advanced automation suite and powerful analytics tool Explorer, Ads And More increased their revenue by over 1000% in the first 3 months  after the company launch.  Since then they have been growing consistently month over month establishing themselves as a key player in the industry in a very short period of time.


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“Above all, the Swaarm team is simply a bunch of dedicated professionals, with deep knowledge and experience in what they do, with a great attitude towards their clients and big friendly smiles on their faces. The timely support that we have received so far from them is highly appreciated by our team and makes us confident with the choice that we made when choosing Swarm.”
Asya K.
Senior Account Manager at Ads And More