Introducing Explorer: Swaarm’s unique analytics tool for critical insights at your fingertips

Explorer is a tool available to Swaarm customers that gives marketers the ability to slice and dice data as they need, gaining access to critical insights for daily operations at a speed that is not possible with any other platform. In this guide, we share how this innovative analytics tool works and how it gives you a competitive edge.


How you can leverage Explorer with Swaarm

Explorer is a reporting tool that helps you slice and dice real-time data, managing billions of events within seconds. There are two common types of reporting with Explorer. The first is when you want to send a report to your partners, such as conversion reports. The second type is reports for optimization. For example, identifying why a campaign isn’t driving traffic or converting users as expected. This is a considerable amount of daily operations – enabling markets to optimize their campaigns.


“The functionalities of the Explorer tool allow me to analyze data in a faster and easier way. Instead of having to go through long Excel lists to gain the insights I need, I can now easily transfer data into reports which saves me around an hour of my time each day.”

– Gayane Grigoryan, Manager at Apptastic


Gain an innovative analytics tool exclusive to Swaarm customers

This is a unique tool that cannot be leveraged using any other mobile marketing platform – putting you ahead of your competitors by saving you time while digging deeper into your data. For example, if you have 10,000 campaigns and 10 publishers and 10 sub-publishers, you will have a million combinations to analyze. If this is something you need to complete every day with CSV. files and pivot tables, it becomes an impossible task. With Explorer, you can drag and drop everything you need, enabling you to quickly sort through and filter combinations according to your needs.


Download and send reports to partners with ease and efficiency

Swaarm clients can easily collect conversion reports using Explorer. This is as simple as selecting your required filters and downloading the report as a CSV. file. This can also be done to send to your partners.



Dive deeper into your internal analysis

Internal analysis is a more time-consuming task, but it is necessary to get the most out of your data and identify market trends that can optimize performance. This is where Explorer can help marketers save time and stay ahead of the curve. Whereas in the past, Account Managers needed to generate CSV files, download them, and then analyze them with a Pivot Table, with Explorer all of these steps can be skipped. You can send reports directly to colleagues with a link, without needing to download a CSV. File.


“Based on customer feedback, the use of Explorer saves every account manager at least 1 hour per day.”

– Yogeeta Chainani, CEO at Swaarm


Clients can select the time range they want to view with an option to customize according to their needs. For example, if you want to compare today’s performance to yesterday, this is only a few clicks away using Explorer’s filters. This helps you stay on track and detect potential issues that could affect the businesses’ revenue as early as possible. Despite managing billions of events, Explorer is fast enough to display your report within a matter of seconds.


How does Explorer work?

There are two key components to Explorer: Dimensions (how you want to group your data) and Measures (which statistics you want to view). Dimensions include advertisers, publishers, traffic, offers, and evaluations. For example, you can view how many clicks you are sending to an advertiser by filtering for a set time frame and splitting by advertiser ID. You can go deeper by selecting a single advertiser and split by offers. This will show you all the offers where you are sending traffic for that advertiser. This is where your Measures become useful. You can slice and dice your data to the event level and there are no limitations in terms of data. The tool has 25 Dimensions and 20 different Measures in total, offering at least three times as many as analytics tools offered by other platforms.


About Swaarm

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