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Maximizing User Acquisition: How SoHype enhanced User Acquisition through transparent data analytics with Swaarm's cost-effective MMP

Based in Cologne, Germany, SoHype specializes in connecting brands with social media advertising to create unforgettable experiences. With a team of experts, they offer innovative advertising strategies to transform their clients’ social media presence and drive engagement. 

The Objective

SoHype aimed to enhance its control over partner relationships and overcome the limitations of traditional and costly mobile measurement partners (MMPs). They sought a more economical solution to provide additional transparency, accurate attribution, data protection, and seamless replacement of their former measurement partner.

The Challenge

With their former MMP, SoHype encountered hurdles concerning maintaining stringent data protection standards, seamless integration for their diverse app environments, limitations for analyzing different data metrics, and the need to combat SDK fraud that had affected their attribution in the past.

They required advanced reporting capabilities to evaluate the effectiveness of their user acquisition (UA) initiatives across multiple partners. The traditional mobile measurement partner (MMP) they previously used offered limited data points and unexpectedly blocked sources without prior notice, hindering their ability to gain clear insights into performance.

The Strategy

Swaarm’s all-in-one platform addressed SoHype’s challenges by offering full control over partner relationships, transparent campaign management, and accurate attribution without complex integrations. Swaarm’s industry-first privacy suite ensured data protection across all app environments and the web, simplifying the compliance process.

The seamless transition to Swaarm, supported by advantageous commercial terms, facilitated the adaptation of SoHype’s team to the new technology.

Swaarm’s ability to track, analyze, and report on 150+ datapoints helped SoHype combat the hurdle of limited data points previously experienced. Migrating to Swaarm not only reduced costs for SoHype but also enabled real-time analysis, precise targeting, and advanced statistical tracking.

With data being Swaarm’s specialty, all information was delivered to SoHype through various report types, including Cohort, Activity, Stickiness, Funnel, Custom, and Conversion reports. Additionally, Swaarm’s proprietary Explorer tool facilitated data manipulation through pivot tables and the creation of complex custom dashboards with ease using the SQL studio.

SoHype’s team also managed to avoid unexpected source blocking, which was a struggle with the traditional MMP, by taking effective steps such as:

The Result

By leveraging the comprehensive features of Swaarm’s MMP, SoHype achieved enhanced transparency, control, and accuracy in its advertising activities.  They experienced seamless integration, robust data protection and transparency, and effective fraud prevention, leading to improved UA efforts.

With a cost-effective pricing plan based on new users, SoHype could focus on the end goals without budget limitations.

Overall, Swaarm empowered SoHype to optimize its advertising strategies, mitigate fraud risks, and achieve greater success in its mobile marketing endeavors.

"Working with Swaarm has been a game-changer for us at SoHype. Their MMP platform gives us total control over our campaigns, plus peace of mind knowing our data is protected due to the highest standards of data protection and accuracy in attribution. Since the transition, we've seen real improvements in our user acquisition effort. The team's been super supportive and dedicated, making Swaarm the obvious choice for our mobile marketing needs."
Alina Dobrzinsky
CEO & Marketing Director at SoHype