Switching your tracking platform provider has never been easier

Even when there is a more useful and innovative tracking platform provider available, many companies will avoid switching to a new provider due to fear of the migration process. This is a legitimate concern as it often takes a lot of manual effort to migrate from one platform to another, and there is still a potential for financial losses. However, these concerns can prevent you from working with the tracking platform that is best suited to your needs and gaining the tools to achieve ambitious targets. This is why Swaarm has innovated the migration process, making it easier and more secure than ever before to switch to our platform.


How Swaarm can help you easily change tracking platforms

There are three stages of the migration process with varying degrees of difficulty. Firstly, you as a company need to migrate all the data you have from one platform to another. This is the most complex step in the process for the company that wants to change platforms. Secondly, the advertiser needs to change postback links within their platform. This is a much smaller task but is just as necessary in order to successfully switch platforms without losing data and revenue. Thirdly, the publisher connects with a different API. This will be an easier step if you are moving to a platform the publisher has already integrated for other clients. With these three essential steps in mind, here’s how Swaarm has made it easier than ever before to switch tracking platform providers.



Swaarm uses automation to make the first step – migrating all of your data – as easy as possible. Affiliate networks don’t often have their own in-house tech teams. This means there isn’t someone who can automate any part of the migration process, such as saving offers and advertisers and pushing this data onto a new platform. With a choice between doing this work manually or staying with their old provider, a lot of companies, unfortunately, opt to stay with an inferior service. This is where the power of automation can help. Swaarm automates the migration of your data from one platform to another, simplifying the most complex part of this process. This includes all of your offers and advertisers (including tracking links, macros, and postback link macros). This process is completed at the click of a button, making your data available on the platform as quickly as possible.


“One is always cautious when switching tech providers and in this case from one tracking platform to another. But with Swaarm this was not a problem. We did not lose any data or campaigns during the migration phase and overall we felt that the whole Swaarm team did take great care of us and our business. Overall a great experience!”

– Or Amitai, Founder & CEO at Nexamob


Running platforms in parallel

Migrating to Swaarm is a simple process that is also much faster compared to what you may have experienced when switching providers in the past. This means you do not have to run two platforms at the same time for a long period of time, which in turn prevents you from paying twice for the same service. However, if you want to run two platforms in parallel to ensure no traffic or postbacks are lost, this is also an option you can implement.


For a seamless transition, clients can run two platforms in parallel while the migration process is running.


The first step, migrating your data, is automated but it may take time for advertisers to change postback links and your publishers to connect with a different API. When switching to Swaarm, we identify whether these actions have occurred. If they haven’t, we forward postbacks to your previous provider until the migration is complete. This ensures you don’t lose any data or revenue throughout the process.

As an affordable and easy-to-use tracking platform, we are proud to have innovated a better way to switch providers. After all, saving your time and energy is at the heart of our company. We are the first-ever ad tech tracking platform to have been perfected together with our clients by listening to feedback and adapting the platform for the best results.

Are you ready to switch? Or do you want to know more about how simple the migration with Swaarm is, contact us!