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Automation is crucial
Best PracticesLeadership Perspective

Automation is crucial for building and growing a high-performing marketing company

In this article, originally published by MediaBrief, Yogeeta Chainani,  CEO and Co-founder of Swaarm, talked about the growing martech industry in India and how performance …

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2022 Swarm achievements
Best PracticesLife at Swaarm

Swaarm features and reflections of 2022 – a year in review

2022 was a year filled with milestone achievements for Swaarm as we expanded our customer base globally, closed new funding rounds, released innovative product features, …

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Best PracticesIndustry Insights

Five Mobile Marketing Tips for 2023

Mobile marketing changes with the wind — and over the past couple of years, it seems the wind has been blowing harder than usual. Making …

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ad fraud
Ad FraudBest Practices

Everything you need to know about mobile ad fraud

What is mobile ad fraud? And how does it stop marketers from reaching their goals? This article will show you everything you need to know …

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10 steps to find the best ad network
Ad NetworkBest Practices

10 Ways to identify the best ad network

Post-pandemic, global advertising revenue has grown by 24.3% to $772.4 billion. By the end of 2026, this figure is expected to reach $1 trillion. As …

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supply side platform
Ad NetworkBest Practices

What exactly is a supply side platform (SSP), and what are the benefits of an SSP?

Having a grasp of advertising history will help get you to grips with what a supply side platform (SSP) is. Once upon a time, during …

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mobile user acquisition
Best PracticesMobile Game

A comparison of organic versus paid mobile user acquisition

When Apple launched the iOS app store in 2008, there were around 500 apps. Today, however, there are more than 7 million apps available via …

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partner marketing
Affiliate MarketingBest Practices

How to conduct competitive research before launching your own partner marketing program

Today, 81% of brands depend on affiliate marketing programs to scale their business. Affiliate marketing is worth more than $12 billion, which is why many …

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partner lifecycle management
Best PracticesChannel Partner Management

What is partner lifecycle management?

Understanding partner lifecycle management is crucial if you want your business to be successful. Channel partner programs can take your business to the next level. …

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Channel partner programs
Best PracticesChannel Partner Management

7 common mistakes to avoid when developing channel partner programs

Almost 57% of organizations utilize channel partner programs to acquire new customers. As such, many companies have realized the true potential of channel partnerships and …

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