Introducing Swaarm’s new PEA chain attribution solution to solve Apple’s IDFA removal

How Apple’s IDFA removal disrupts mobile attribution

Apple’s plans to remove its user device identifier for advertisers – the Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) – in iOS 14 sent shockwaves through the entire performance marketing ecosystem. It is one of the most significant changes affecting the mobile industry to date, as it breaks the current user-level attribution model, which impacts optimization in the advertising chain.

Given that the IDFA is used pervasively across the mobile industry for ad tracking and targeting, advertisers are likely to be impacted on a mass scale with decreased ROI and increased risk. Meanwhile, publishers who cannot monetize their traffic effectively will see lower revenues.

In a bid to make attribution and ad measurement easier for advertisers, Apple has introduced two new frameworks: App Tracking Transparency (ATT) and SKAdNetwork. Unfortunately, these won’t close the gap on key capabilities such as user-level attribution, retargeting audiences, look-a-like audiences, and more.

It also puts mid-size networks and publishers at a serious disadvantage, because most mobile marketing partners (MMPs) can share the source and sub-source of no more than two networks with the attributed network. This will enable established networks to consolidate even more power in the mobile advertising space.

How networks can easily benefit from Swaarm’s PEA Chain

As we work closely with a number of partners in the mobile affiliate marketing space, we understand that there is an urgent need for an effective attribution model at scale, following Apple’s IDFA removal. This is why we created and launched Swaarm’s new attribution chain methodology Privacy Enabled Attribution (PEA Chain) – the first attribution solution of its kind.

Swaarm’s PEA Chain solves the two-network attribution problem. We’re excited to illustrate how it can help track campaigns more effectively across the mobile advertising chain.

When you run a campaign via Swaarm’s platform, it generates a special token called “PEA Chain” that is passed in the click and can be retrieved in the postback. The token contains all the information needed for networks to determine the campaign and traffic source.

In addition, the token also contains all the data for the rest of the networks in the chain. Given that this information was provided for the impression and click, it allows them to identify their traffic sources – while also protecting user privacy by not collecting any personal information.

As a network using our platform, you are also able to work with publishers of varied sizes, by giving them access to the attribution data that they need to successfully optimize their traffic.


“We at Swaarm believe that the power and beauty of the internet consist in its distributed and varied nature, where small publishers and large media conglomerates can thrive and provide valuable content to internet users. This is why we created the Privacy Enabled Attribution chain method to enable attribution throughout the whole chain without collecting any personal information.”

– Yogeeta Chainani, CEO at Swaarm


How the PEA chain attribution method guarantees fairness

What happens if the advertising partner has a very strict or rigid model?

Enter the PEA Chain Attribution Method. With it, our system ensures that correct non-probabilistic attribution can be made throughout the whole network chain. This method successfully protects the user’s privacy and guarantees fairness and exactness in the attribution process.


“Apple’s removal of IDFA has been concerning businesses like ours and our marketing partners that rely on user-level tracking to effectively optimize our campaigns. Since Swaarm’s Privacy Enabled Attribution Chain largely solves for the lack of IDFA-based tracking, we’ve moved to their platform and can now say we’re better prepared for when Apple finally removes IDFA from the mobile ecosystem.”

Oleksandra Gipsh, Co-Founder & COO of Apptrust


As an affordable and easy-to-use tracking platform, our mission is to provide premium tracking services to mobile affiliate networks of all sizes, enabling them to manage, track, analyze and optimize their campaigns at scale.

We believe that the current network ecosystem can continue to flourish, despite the limiting changes Apple is introducing – and that’s why we built our new PEA attribution solution to empower advertisers to successfully navigate these significant changes while respecting user privacy.

To read more about our Privacy Enabled Attribution and how Swaarm will ensure that frictionless tracking and attribution will be possible in the future, we recommend you check out the interview in AdExchanger with our CPO, Yogeeta Chainani.

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