Swaarm, an innovative tracking and attribution platform for performance-based marketing, announces that its product has been named among 2024’s top software by software marketplace Tekpon.

Yogeeta Chainani, Co-founder and CEO of Swaarm, expressed her excitement at receiving recognition for providing a cutting-edge solution for agencies, advertisers, and partners. “Since day one, Swaarm’s product strategy has been driven by customer feedback and the real-world demands of marketing professionals seeking transparent, scalable, and powerful tracking tools. This year, we’ll take it further by continuously updating our platform with enhanced automation, reporting, and privacy features. Our goal is to address our customers’ pain points and ensure they have the best tools to achieve their marketing targets.”

Tekpon highlighted Swaarm as an efficient and user-friendly tool that helps businesses grow and stay organized:

“This one is by far my favorite platform, after extensively reviewing over a dozen of them. If you are looking for a tool to centralize your marketing efforts and at the same time help you enhance them, then you would surely appreciate Swaarm’s focused approach. When it comes to third-party integrations, customizations, and a simplistic UI, Swaarm does a better job than any of its competitors. So, all the marketers out there, trust me when I say this is one of the best tools on the market for mobile user acqusition, search monetisation, lead generation and more” the review states.

You can find the full review here:


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To date, Swaarm has empowered numerous customers worldwide with innovative solutions for performance-based marketing. To learn more about Swaarm or to request additional information, please visit swaarm.com or directly book a demo: https://swaarm.com/request-a-demo

About Swaarm Founded in 2020, Swaarm is an innovative tracking and attribution platform that empowers agencies, advertisers, and partners with cutting-edge solutions for performance-based marketing. Today, Swaarm is used by marketing teams worldwide to manage, track, analyze, and optimize their efforts at scale. Swaarm is headquartered in Berlin and continues to drive growth and innovation in the martech industry. Learn more at swaarm.com.