Seamless Transition: ApproachX’s Migration to Swaarm and Innovative Strategies for Affiliates

Interview with Marina Head of Affiliates at Approach X

Approach X was founded by some of the most prominent and successful affiliates in the industry. Since their inception in 2017, they have established themselves as a distinguished leader in the performance marketing space, driven by a deep-rooted passion for media buying. Their unique blend of expertise and innovation sets it apart, making it a trusted partner for affiliates looking to maximize their revenue.

They are thrilled to offer highly profitable Pay Per Push dating offers, boasting an impressive 30% conversion rate. To celebrate the collaboration with Swaarm, they are extending an exclusive 5% Welcome Bonus for Swaarm readers who apply to run their offers. Join them and experience the unmatched performance and support that Approach X provides, and take your affiliate marketing efforts to new heights.


Welcome to Swaarm! We’re excited to have Approach X share their journey with us. To start, can you tell us a bit about Approach X and your expertise in the affiliate industry?

Approach X was established in 2017 by a group of industry-leading affiliates who brought together their extensive knowledge and expertise in performance marketing. Our journey began with a shared vision to revolutionize the affiliate marketing landscape by leveraging our deep understanding of media buying.

At Approach X, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the industry, with media buying embedded in our core. This unique foundation allows us to craft highly effective and profitable campaigns that consistently deliver exceptional results. Our team comprises seasoned professionals who have honed their skills through years of hands-on experience, and we are excited to share our insights and strategies with your readers.

Since our inception, we have been committed to providing top-tier, money-making offers that cater to the evolving needs of our affiliates. Our success lies in our ability to stay ahead of market trends, innovate continuously, and optimize campaigns to maximize profitability. By sharing the same offers and tips we use ourselves, we aim to empower other affiliates to achieve similar success.

Approach X is more than just a company; it’s a community of passionate marketers dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in performance marketing. We believe in transparency, collaboration, and mutual growth, and we are always eager to support our partners in reaching their full potential. Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate or just starting, we provide the tools, resources, and guidance needed to thrive in this competitive industry.

In essence, Approach X is built by affiliates for affiliates. Our deep-rooted expertise, combined with our innovative approach and commitment to excellence, makes us a distinguished leader in the performance marketing industry. We look forward to sharing our journey, insights, and success stories with the Swaarm community.


That’s impressive. What makes your offers, particularly your Per Push dating offers, stand out in the market?

Our Per Push dating offers are uniquely crafted to be a highly profitable addition to any campaign portfolio. These offers are meticulously designed to maximize conversion rates and ensure consistent revenue generation. Here’s what sets them apart:

High Profitability

Our Per Push dating offers are engineered to deliver exceptional profitability. On average, our media buyers allocate a substantial budget of $20,000 daily to these offers. This significant investment underscores the confidence we have in the performance and revenue-generating potential of our dating offers. By integrating these offers into your campaigns, you can expect a robust return on investment.

Optimal Geographies

The optimal geographic targets for our dating offers are the United States and other English-speaking Tier 1 countries. These markets are highly lucrative due to their high disposable incomes and strong demand for online dating services. Despite being competitive, these regions offer vast opportunities across major traffic networks, making them prime locations for deploying our Per Push dating offers.

Proven Success in Competitive Markets

Operating in competitive markets like the US and Tier 1 countries means that our offers have been rigorously tested and proven to succeed in some of the toughest environments. This competitive edge translates to reliable performance and scalability for our partners, ensuring that they can achieve significant growth and revenue.

Comprehensive Support and Resources

In addition to providing top-tier offers, we equip our affiliates with comprehensive support and resources to optimize their campaigns. Our team of seasoned media buyers shares invaluable insights and strategies that have been honed through years of experience. This guidance helps affiliates navigate the complexities of the dating market and achieve the best possible results.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Innovation

At Approach X, we leverage cutting-edge technology such as Swaarm and innovative marketing techniques to enhance the performance of our offers. From advanced targeting algorithms to sophisticated tracking and optimization tools, we ensure that our affiliates have access to the latest advancements in performance marketing. This technological edge allows for precise targeting, efficient budget allocation, and continuous optimization, leading to superior campaign performance.

Strong Partnerships with Major Traffic Networks

Our established relationships with major traffic networks provide our affiliates with access to high-quality traffic sources. These partnerships enable us to deliver significant volume and reach, ensuring that our Per Push dating offers reach the right audience at the right time. The combination of premium traffic and high-converting offers creates a winning formula for our affiliates.

In summary, our Per Push dating offers stand out in the market due to their high profitability, optimal targeting, proven success in competitive markets, comprehensive support, cutting-edge technology, and strong partnerships with major traffic networks. By incorporating these offers into your campaign strategy, you can unlock new levels of success and profitability in the dynamic world of affiliate marketing.


What are some best practices and insights you can share for launching successful campaigns in the dating industry?

Launching successful campaigns in the dating industry requires a strategic and well-informed approach. Here are some critical factors to consider:

Setup and Timing: 

Ensure meticulous setup checks and align your campaign timing with prime hours, typically from 8 PM to 2 AM in your target country. This strategic timing helps maximize visibility and engagement when the audience is most active.


Incorporate at least eight different creatives in your campaign setup. Diverse and engaging creatives keep your audience interested and help identify which ones perform best.

Bidding Strategies: 

On networks displaying average and maximum bids, start with a bid 20% below the average. Gradually increase the bid once profitability is proven. If a campaign spends 50-60% of the cap during prime time or runs 24 hours, increase the bid by 10-15%.

Smart Bidding: 

Opt for Smart CPM or Smart CPC where possible. These bidding strategies utilize advanced algorithms to optimize bids, enhancing cost efficiency and campaign performance.


Use whitelists and blacklists to refine overall campaign performance. This helps focus on high-quality zones and eliminate underperforming ones, improving your return on investment.


Conduct split tests with new elements alongside profitable campaigns, allocating 50% of traffic to each. This approach helps discover and scale new profitable offers, pre-landers, and creatives.

Cross-Network Strategies: 

Expand your successful methods to other ad networks, integrate iOS or Android into campaigns, and adjust settings by including or excluding Wi-Fi to improve quality or volume.

These best practices are designed to transform your affiliate marketing strategies. If you’re interested in running our Pay Per Push dating offers with a 30% CR, you can apply here and get a 5% Welcome Bonus exclusively for Swaarm readers.


Now, let’s talk about your migration to Swaarm. What was the migration process like?

Migrating to Swaarm from our previous tracking services provider was a comprehensive and meticulously planned process. Swaarm went above and beyond to redefine their migration assistant processes to accommodate our multiple and specific requests, ensuring a seamless transition.

The migration process was designed to be as smooth as possible, encompassing every aspect of our operations. This included transferring all advertisers, offers, offer categories, publishers, caps, payouts, targeting parameters, users, network configurations, goals, and budget information from the source platform to Swaarm.

Swaarm’s dedication to understanding our unique needs and customizing their approach was crucial. They provided a structured and phased migration plan, ensuring that all data was accurately transferred and integrated into the new platform. This meticulous attention to detail minimized disruptions and maintained the continuity of our campaigns.

The result was a seamless transition that allowed us to quickly leverage Swaarm’s advanced tracking and optimization capabilities. This move has significantly enhanced our operational efficiency and campaign performance, positioning us for greater success in the future.


Can you walk us through the steps involved in the migration?

Sure! Here are the key steps:

  1. Data Migration:
    • To begin, we needed the API of our previous platform.
    • A mapping list was provided to fill in the details of the parameters and macros used in the source platform.
    • Data sync occurs every hour, covering all advertisers, offers, offer categories, publishers, caps, payouts, targeting, goals, users, network configuration, and budget information.
  2. Traffic Migration:
    • While the advertiser is still migrating, the source platform remains the source of truth.
    •  Swaarm forwards traffic for publishers to the source platform.
    • Postbacks from clicks tracked in the source platform are forwarded to ensure no events are lost.
  3. Communicate with Your Publishers:
    • Publishers need to connect to the Swaarm Feed API.
    • Once integrated, provide them with the link to the partner UI.
  4. Share Your Swaarm Postback Link with Advertisers:
    • This step can be done in parallel with the publishers updating their Feed API.
    • The postback link template is provided to advertisers.
  5. Migrate Your Advertisers One by One:
    • Turn off migration once all publishers are moved to the Swaarm Feed API and the advertiser switches to Swaarm Platform postbacks.
    • Turn on network sync if the advertiser is a network.


You mentioned Swaarm had to redefine their migration processes for Approach X. Which are some of the custom requirements you had along the way?

Indeed, Swaarm had to tailor their migration processes to meet our specific needs. Here are some of the custom requirements we had:

Publisher Referral System: 

We needed a publisher referral system built based on our recommendations. Swaarm accommodated this by designing a referral system that aligned perfectly with our operational requirements and helped us track and manage referrals effectively.

Historical Statistics: 

Although there were limitations with our previous tracking platform that prevented direct upload of historical data to Swaarm, they found a solution. Swaarm downloaded and stored the statistics from our former provider to maintain historical evidence. This ensured that we retained access to our past performance data for analysis and reporting purposes, even if it couldn’t be integrated into the new platform directly.

These custom adaptations by Swaarm were crucial in ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining the integrity of our data and operations.


Any final recommendations for others considering the migration to Swaarm?

Thorough Preparation

Ensure you are well-prepared before initiating the migration. This involves gathering all necessary data, understanding your current tracking setup, and identifying any custom requirements you might have.

Effective Communication

Maintain clear and constant communication with all stakeholders involved. Keeping everyone on the same page helps avoid misunderstandings and ensures a coordinated effort throughout the migration process.

Follow the Outlined Steps

Adhere strictly to the migration steps provided by Swaarm. Their structured approach is designed to ensure a smooth and efficient transition, minimizing disruptions to your operations.

Leverage Swaarm’s Support: 

Take full advantage of Swaarm’s support team. Their assistance was invaluable to us, providing guidance and addressing any issues that arose. Their expertise can make a significant difference in making your migration seamless.

By following these recommendations, you can ensure a smooth and successful migration to Swaarm, positioning your operations for enhanced efficiency and performance.