What does an app marketing automation platform help with?

Mobile marketing automation allows marketers to perform repetitive tasks at scale using innovative software. This includes everything from planning and coordinating tasks to executing them based on certain parameters. Automation has become a necessity for marketers as they look for new ways to optimize their workflow and focus on their overall strategy. Moreover, the use of automation has become essential to staying ahead of the curve and remaining competitive in overcrowded markets. In this guide, we share the many uses of app marketing automation platforms and how they help marketers achieve their goals.


What is an app marketing automation platform?

App marketing automation is software that monitors and completes actions that help a marketer perform their daily operations. It is designed to perform tasks that a marketer would otherwise need to complete manually. In addition to saving time, this also makes it possible to perform these actions at a humanly impossible scale and speed.


How does app marketing automation work?

Automating your performance marketing can help you in several ways, from personalization for A/B testing to completing analytics work so that you can push towards your goals faster. App marketing automation requires the marketer to set rules, templates, and parameters that inform an automation tool how to do its job. For example, this includes gathering the right information needed to complete a task and segmenting users based on certain information. You can then build communication temples that are personalized based on the information provided. Automation can also take care of the delivery and the timing of those messages.


How do users benefit from app marketing automation platforms?

While app marketing automation is known to help marketers with their tasks, it is also important to note the benefits it provides to the user as well. Automation can significantly improve the user experience and make it easier to complete A/B tests for an app’s user interface. Targeted messaging, personalized messages, and alerts are all examples of how automation can be used to provide the best user experience possible.


6 ways app marketing automation is helpful

There are several ways app marketing automation is helpful. Here are six ways you can use this type of tool to complete daily operations and complete tasks at scale.


1. Migration

Right from the very beginning of your journey with a marketing platform, automation can be used to migrate your data. The complicated migration process can prevent many marketers from switching to a platform that is better for them – even if that results in financial loss. The tasks that need automating include saving offers, saving advertisers, and pushing data onto a new platform. This is why automation is a critical tool that can be used for a seamless migration to a new platform. This eliminates the manual effort needed to migrate and prevents a potential financial loss as a result.

At Swaarm, we use automation to make the migration process as easy as possible. Because affiliate networks don’t always have their own in-house tech team, there may not be someone who can automate the migration process in their company. We automate the migration of your data from one platform to another, including all of your offers and advertisers. This also includes tracking links, macros, and postback link macros.


2. Segmentation

The ability to segment audiences based on certain information has numerous benefits. By segmenting audiences you can test how different users respond in A/B tests. You can also use it to send messages that are personalized and hyper-relevant to their interests and needs. Automating the creation of cohorts – a group defined by certain characteristics – enables you to dive deeper into audience analysis and identify the way these cohorts should be targeted.


3. A/B testing

With the ability to segment users, you can A/B test a wide range of aspects related to your user experience and KPIs. A/B testing is the process of creating audience groups that have the same characteristics and exposing them to two versions of your app or marketing material: The difference in behavior can then be analyzed and attributed to the changes you made. This helps you identify the changes that will improve your KPIs, such as an increase in conversation rates and revenue.


4. Personalization

71% of consumers believe personalized experiences would influence their decision to interact with emails, while 75% of consumers in North America felt as though email content was not appropriately personalized for them. This highlights a significant opportunity for marketers to use automation to their advantage. Marketers can easily personalize engagements for their entire audience by using an app marketing platform’s automation tools. This helps with small changes such as using a user’s first name for in-app messaging, while also helping more significant changes such as which marketing creative matches a user’s demographic and location. You can also identify when users are most likely to churn and send a personalized message to increase engagements and reduce churn.


5. Fraud prevention

Fraud is a legitimate concern that affects the entire app marketing industry. While fraudsters will always be finding new ways to infiltrate your ad spend, the good news is that fraud prevention can also be automated to successfully combat their efforts. For example, Swaarm has an integrated click and postback shield that gives marketers full control over their traffic. This includes options to filter events in real-time. Tools such as this prevent fraudsters from ruining your data, ensure brand safety and lead to higher conversion rates.


6. Automated offers management

App automation platforms also enable you to automatically approve offers based on the criteria provided. You can also switch off traffic sources that are not performing well. This can be automated based on an advertiser’s KPIs and used to efficiently scale your campaigns.


Swaarm and automation

We are a widely proven technical platform that handles more than 30 billion events every day. We have created automation tools to approve offers, switch off traffic sources, and similar actions.
We also offer:

  • Automated migration: Easily switch to our platform while we automatically migrate your data
  • Real-time automated CR: We can automatically take actions based on real-time data, optimizing traffic and boosting revenue
  • Network syncer and automated offer imports: Our clients can also use automation to import and set up offers from a vast amount of partners

Our mobile marketing automation technology is an aspect of our platform that is regularly praised by clients. ​​Oleksandra Gipsh, Co-Founder and COO of AppTrust, says “The Swaarm platform itself is very intuitive and the automation rules are next level. Instead of doing repetitive work such as pushing offers to publishers or blacklisting sub ID’s, our Account Managers can automate these processes and can now focus on value-creating tasks.”

If you would like to learn more, please get in touch with our team.