As September arrives, a wave of excitement fills the air here at Swaarm as we proudly mark our third anniversary. This occasion marks a significant milestone for the entire Swaarm team.


During this time of celebration, we like to take a step back and reflect on our journey so far. It’s been a truly remarkable experience. We’ve evolved into a strong and reliable player within the performance marketing ecosystem in a matter of just three years.


“Swaarm’s journey has been a testament to our commitment to growth and excellence. From the outset, our focus on unique features and continuous innovation has allowed us to make a lasting impact in the marketing realm. Looking ahead, we are excited to continue pushing boundaries and delivering value to our clients, partners, and the industry at large.” 


– Yogeeta Chainani, Co-Founder & CEO, Swaarm


Our dedicated team of software experts has crafted innovative features, infusing Swaarm with a distinctiveness that truly sets us apart in this dynamic market. As we explore our recent journey, every step is marked with achievements that hold deep significance to us. As we reflect on the last year, we can’t help but feel proud of all the significant milestones we’ve achieved along the way.


Let’s shine a spotlight on some of the most pivotal moments and  news from the last 12 months:



Privacy-focused solutions


Through groundbreaking innovations such as our Privacy Enabled Attribution solution (fully aligned with iOS 14-compliant attribution chain methodology) and our advanced user acquisition technology of the second generation, as demonstrated by the newly introduced Advanced Privacy Suite in April 2023 (encompassing Web, iOS, and Android domains), Swaarm’s clientele can adeptly navigate these substantial shifts while upholding user privacy. All personal identifiers, such as transaction IDs, are eliminated in private browsing mode, while supplementary parameters like campaign IDs remain intact.



Partnership with Tipalti


Our clients can now pay their publishers easily and quickly as we partnered with Tipalti. The joint solution merges Swaarm’s robust performance marketing tracking, automation, and analytics functionalities with Tipalti’s dedicated system for disbursing payments to publishers. This option works in 196 nations, accommodates 6 diverse payment modes, and manages transactions in almost 120 native currencies.



Global meetup in Berlin


Since we started our operations in 2020, Swaarm’s employees have enjoyed the benefit of working from their homes as we are a fully remote company. But, after two years of working from home, our team had the opportunity to meet each other face-to-face during our global meetup that was held in November 2022. 


Team members from various countries, including Germany, Spain, Poland, Denmark, Lithuania, and India, converged to meet with their counterparts in Berlin. Over a span of two days, we engaged in collaborative team–building activities, enjoyed shared experiences, and, of paramount significance, we had the opportunity to establish personal connections with our colleagues.



Networking events


Over the last months, we have attended many major events, such as the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Affiliate World Global in Dubai, India Affiliate Summit in Gurugram, Affiliate World Europe, and more. These occasions allowed us to engage with our valued customers, partners, and influential figures within the industry.


These gatherings have allowed us to strengthen connections, exchange insights, and broaden our horizons. As we pursue growth and innovation, we look forward to reconnecting with our clients and partners again in upcoming events such as DMIexpo Tel Aviv and Affiliate World Asia Bangkok.



Top recognitions and noteworthy achievements


Apart from the many accomplishments we have achieved in the past three years, here are some noteworthy milestones that we have achieved during the last 12 months. 


  • Swaarm was named “App Analytics Platform of the Year” at the App Growth Awards held in December 2022.


  • We have a 4.8 rating on Capterra with over 28 reviews from our happy and satisfied customers. Capterra awarded us the “Best Ease of Use” badge in December 2022.


  • Swaarm won the 2022 German Business Awards in the “Most Advanced Performance Marketing Tracking Platform” category in November 2022.


  • Bagged “Best Performance Marketing Tracking Platform Award” from MarTech in April 2023.


  • CPAMeetup by Exness presented us with the “Strategic Partner Award” in May 2023. 


  • Won the much coveted Top50 Startup award in August 2023.


Exploring Swaarm’s future: A glimpse at what’s ahead


Swaarm’s initial three years have been a journey filled with knowledge acquisition, opportunities for growth, and product development. As we move forward in our business, we are excited to continue our successes by strengthening our team, expanding our global presence, and introducing new features that cater to our client’s needs.


In tandem with our anniversary celebrations, our team is diligently working on the next products that will empower our clients with the tools they need to scale their business. Big news and releases are coming! Stay tuned for the exciting announcements we have planned!


“Looking ahead, we’re eager to explore new horizons by expanding our global footprint and delivering cutting-edge solutions that cater to the evolving needs of our clients. Our commitment remains unwavering as we shape the future of marketing technology.” 


– Alexandru Dumitru, Co-Founder & CTO, Swaarm.



About Swaarm 


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