Navigating the Affiliate Marketing Landscape: An Interview with Yana Ivanova, Affiliate Marketing Manager at Exness


Introduction: Yana’s journey in affiliate marketing 

Welcome to our March edition of Marketing Expert Insights! This month, we’re excited to shine the spotlight on Yana Ivanova, Affiliate Marketing Manager at Exness, a well-known player in the financial services industry. Yana’s journey at Exness has been nothing short of remarkable, fueled by her passion, expertise, and relentless pursuit of innovation. Her strategic acumen and creative thinking have made her a standout in the realm of affiliate marketing.

As we dive into Yana’s story, it’s clear that her time at Exness has been transformative, shaping her into the insightful leader she is today. Her dedication to excellence and skill for thinking outside the box set her apart in affiliate marketing. 

Here at Swaarm, we’ve had the pleasure of crossing paths with Yana at various industry events and conferences. Our first encounter occurred at the CPA Meetup, an event organized by her and the Exness Affiliate team in Ho Chi Minh City back in May 2023. With over 150 attendees, including top affiliates, potential partners, influencers, and industry experts, it was a game-changing event for finance-focused affiliate marketing.


Marketing leader : Yana Ivanova

Photo: The Swaarm team and Exness team at the CPA Meetup in Ho Chi Minh City 2023


In this edition, we delve into Yana’s insights on the importance of attending relevant events and conferences within the affiliate marketing sphere, exploring the invaluable benefits they offer to professionals in the field. Join us as we learn from her experience and gain insights that can take our affiliate marketing strategies to new heights!


Marketing leader : Yana Ivanova

Photo: Exness Affiliates CPA Meetup, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, May 2023


The transformative power of affiliate marketing events


What are your thoughts on the importance of attending industry events, especially in affiliate marketing, for staying updated on emerging trends and advancing professionally?

Attending industry events is crucial for affiliate marketing experts. In the fast-paced world of our industry, it helps you stay abreast of trends and advance professionally. These events offer an invaluable mix of learning and networking opportunities. They enable us to engage in meaningful discussions, gain insights from experts, and forge strong connections. For me, they’re a source of fresh ideas and a broader understanding of the industry and consumer behavior, which is instrumental to my role at Exness. These gatherings not only inform our strategies but also keep us at the forefront of our field.

Affiliate events often feature keynote presentations, panel discussions, and workshops led by industry leaders and experts, providing attendees with insights and practical knowledge. Additionally, they usually showcase the latest technologies, tools, and solutions, allowing attendees to explore new avenues for optimizing their affiliate marketing strategies and driving results. 

Overall, attending industry events is not just about staying informed; it’s about actively participating in the evolution of the affiliate marketing landscape and positioning for long-term success in a competitive market.


Marketing leader : Yana Ivanova

Photo: Exness Affiliates CPA Meetup, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, May 2023


What do you see as the distinct benefits of in-person interaction with industry peers and experts at events, compared to other networking or professional development methods?

From personal experience, I’ve found that attending events not only expands my professional network but also sparks new ideas and insights that directly impact my work. Engaging face-to-face with industry peers and experts at events, conferences, and meet-ups offers advantages compared to other forms of networking or professional development. 

Firstly, it cultivates a sense of community within the affiliate marketing ecosystem, fostering genuine connections and rapport among participants. 

Secondly, the interactive nature of events enables real-time discussions and knowledge sharing. Whether it’s participating in panel discussions, attending workshops, or engaging in casual conversations, the opportunity for direct exchange with peers is invaluable. 

Additionally, events provide a platform for the attendees to showcase expertise and thought leadership, boosting their industry profile and fostering collaboration. I also believe that the energy of being in a shared physical space with like-minded individuals can be incredibly motivating and inspiring, fueling creativity and drive for professional growth. Overall, the personal touch of in-person engagement creates a unique environment for building trust and understanding that simply cannot be replicated online and often leads to fruitful collaborations and partnerships.


Marketing leader : Yana Ivanova

Photo: Exness Affiliates CPA Meetup, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, May 2023


How have your event experiences shaped your understanding of affiliate marketing, and what key insights have you gained? Are there any standout events that hold significant value for Exness?

Annual major events such as Affiliate World Conferences hold immense significance for professionals in affiliate marketing, including myself. Most recently, participating in Affiliate World Dubai, along with previous editions in other locations, has been instrumental in shaping my understanding of the industry.

These types of events provide a unique opportunity to connect with industry leaders, experts, and peers from around the world in vibrant business hubs. This offers professionals in affiliate marketing, including myself, a unique view into opportunities across various GEOs. With attendees hailing from all corners of the globe, such events are a platform for invaluable insights into regional trends, market dynamics, and emerging opportunities in different parts of the world.

For me, these events have provided not only a platform to expand my network but have also directly influenced my approach to affiliate marketing at Exness. They have helped me stay ahead of the curve and navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the industry.

Moreover, the practical insights and strategies shared at events showcase the immense potential within the affiliate marketing sector and the opportunities that lie ahead for those willing to seize them.


Marketing leader : Yana Ivanova

Photo: Affiliate World Conference, Dubai, UAE, February 2024


Besides Affiliate World Conferences, which other events have been marked as “must attend” for Exness in the 2024 calendar?

For 2024, the Exness Affiliate team has already attended several notable affiliate marketing events, such as Affiliate Summit West. Looking forward, our schedule includes the MAC Affiliate Conference and iGB Affiliate 2024, among others. We are also evaluating participation in the upcoming events hosted by the Sigma Group, another influential organizer. Each event offers a distinctive chance to connect with the broader affiliate marketing community and remain abreast of industry trends. We are also excited to announce that we will be sponsoring select events and featuring guest speakers from our team. As we continue to explore new opportunities, our event calendar is regularly updated to ensure we are present at the most influential and beneficial gatherings in our field. 


Marketing leader : Yana Ivanova

Photo: Affiliate Grand Slam by Sigma, Limassol, Cyprus, September 2023


Can you share any specific examples of how attending industry events has directly impacted your strategies or decision-making processes within Exness or other professional endeavors?

Attending industry events has been pivotal in shaping our strategies and refining our decision-making processes at Exness Affiliates. A notable example is our fruitful partnership with Bidmatrix, an online digital advertising platform. We first connected with them at the Affiliate World Conference in 2022. This face-to-face encounter proved invaluable; it not only initiated our relationship but also significantly strengthened it. Since then, Bidmatrix has ascended to become one of our top affiliates, which clearly demonstrates the profound influence that industry events can have on our strategic alliances and overall success.


Marketing leader : Yana Ivanova

Photo: Affiliate World Conference, Dubai, UAE, February 2024


As someone deeply experienced in affiliate marketing, what advice would you give to individuals attending such events for the first time to maximize their experience and networking opportunities?

For those attending industry events for the first time, I suggest approaching the experience with an open mind and a willingness to learn and connect. Take full advantage of the diverse networking opportunities, engage actively in discussions, and don’t shy away from seeking out new perspectives and insights. 

Additionally, consider setting specific goals for what you hope to achieve during the event, whether it’s meeting a certain number of new contacts or learning about specific trends. Immersing yourself in the vibrant community of affiliate marketing professionals at events like those mentioned can expand your knowledge and help you forge valuable connections that can propel your career forward. I look forward to meeting you at our booth at the most significant affiliate events and sharing more insights in person. Connect with us on social media and join our program.