Why Swaarm is the best choice for any marketer that wants to scale their business

When it comes to mobile tracking platforms, it’s clear that daily pain points are preventing marketers from greater success. As a team with years of experience in the mobile marketing industry, it was obvious to us that fundamental, innovative change is needed. Here are the current problems within the mobile marketing ecosystem and how our team has set out to solve them with Swaarm.


We know what it means to be in your shoes

To offer clients a truly customer-centric approach, it is important to understand the intricate hurdles marketers face during their daily operations. We have built Swaarm because we had to work with multiple tools, including tracking products, for years – and they were all tricky to use. We were never provided the full picture, it was never a simple process, and platforms didn’t innovate to solve specific issues and adapt to a rapidly changing ecosystem. To make matters worse, these tools that failed to provide for our needs were still extremely expensive. This inspired us to develop the most customer-centric platform that offers solutions to these industry-wide problems.

That makes Swaarm the most flexible platform in the market that adapts to your needs and not the other way around.


An adaptable platform built to solve problems

From day one, Swaarm was created by listening to our clients’ needs. We shadowed them to identify the pain points of day-to-day operations. This allowed us to perfect the platform over time with an innovative approach to all features. This has helped us achieve a critical goal: to provide a solution that enables customers to automate repetitive tasks and make better decisions in a faster way based on the data insights. We also designed Swaarm to enable companies of all sizes to reach their goals.

No matter how big or small, you have the necessary tools to compete. We understand that growth is critical and that you can only scale your business with the right tools. For companies of all sizes, Swaarm is a tracking platform that is designed to adapt to your needs. No two businesses are the same, so a one-size-fits-all approach won’t give you everything you need. Our adaptability is our greatest strength, making Swaarm a more powerful solution for all clients.


Simplify, streamline and automate

We wanted to build a platform where you could have it all in one place: one log in to a singular source of truth without going back and forth between CSV files, Excel sheets, and numerous other tools. This allows you to gain the insights needed to propel your business and any campaign. We also make a marketer’s daily operations easier by automating processes and data pulls as much as possible.


Access to the right data, whenever you need

To rave about having ‘all the data in the world at your fingertips has become an industry cliche in recent years, but it’s a simple truth that marketers should have the right data whenever they need it. You deserve the ability to zoom out and see the bigger picture, while also easily drilling down to find a specific advantage point to drive your business forward. Anything less, and you don’t have access to critical insights that will help you scale.


Claim greater control of business operations

You know what is best for your business, including what features you need from your tracking platform. Our goal is to provide an open approach to our platform that puts the user in control of how they want to run their business. The beauty of Swaarm is that both tech-savvy customers that want to work with an API and customers who would rather prefer to work with an intuitive UI both get their money’s worth. You do not need to be a developer to create an automation rule, but if you have developers they can have fun working with our API. That makes Swaarm the most flexible platform in the market that adapts to your needs and not the other way around.

We wanted to ensure our platform gives clear insights and empowers marketers to do their best possible job. It should not be necessary to have additional Excel sheets or spend time on tiresome data merges from several sources – all just to understand essential insights such as the best performing campaigns and where new tactics are needed.

By offering an adaptable tracking platform with innovative automation tools, our goal is to give clients all the tools they need to succeed in a competitive market. This is why our company’s name derives from the word ‘swarm’, meaning to move or gather in a large group. Every additional customer will grow the added value of the entire network – the Swaarm.

Contact us to find out how our innovative technology can help you grow your business at scale.