Akib Ali – Co-Founder at Appscale Media


Marketing leaders – Introduction

With over a decade of experience in the digital advertising industry, Akib Ali has developed a diverse skill set encompassing customer acquisition, ad tech, performance marketing, and more. His journey began in publisher management, where he excelled in revenue generation, client exploration, and profit enhancement. Akib’s attention to detail and dedication to quality management helped mitigate campaign risks and elevate performance standards.

Transitioning into leadership roles, Akib demonstrated his strategic acumen and analytical skills. He led global teams, orchestrating strategies for direct campaigns and implementing efficient processes to drive revenue growth. Akib’s ability to analyze campaign data empowered him to make informed decisions and optimize sales performance in overseas markets.

In his most recent role, Akib took on the role of CO-Founder at Appscale, where he continues to excel in customer acquisition and campaign management. Leveraging his expertise in ad networks and affiliate networks, he drives results and enhances overall profitability. Akib’s commitment to excellence and his ability to navigate complex challenges make him a valuable asset to any organization.

Notably, Akib has recently developed a keen interest in search arbitrage, further expanding his skill set and staying ahead of industry trends.


Beyond Acquisition: Unveiling the Power of Search Monetization

In the dynamic realm of adtech, innovation is the driving force behind success. Both Appscale Media, a mobile performance agency, and Swaarm, a leading tracking services provider, have long been renowned for pioneering advancements in adtech. However, in a testament to their forward-thinking mindsets, both companies have recently expanded their horizons to embrace the realm of search monetization.

With a shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in adtech, Appscale Media and Swaarm are poised to redefine the landscape of search monetization.

Join us as we delve into this exciting new chapter, uncovering insights and strategies with Akib, a leader at the forefront of innovation in adtech.


You mentioned recently developing an interest in search monetization. What sparked this interest, and how do you see it complementing your existing expertise in performance marketing?

My interest in search monetization was sparked by a desire to explore new avenues for driving value and maximizing ROI in the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising. As someone deeply immersed in performance marketing, I recognized the untapped potential of search monetization as a complementary strategy to my existing expertise.

The ability to leverage search data and user intent to deliver targeted, high-converting ads presents a compelling opportunity to enhance customer acquisition efforts and unlock new revenue streams. By incorporating search monetization into my toolkit, I aim to further optimize campaigns, drive incremental growth, and stay ahead of industry trends.


Could you explain the concept of search arbitrage for those who may not be familiar with it, and why you find it intriguing?

Search arbitrage involves capitalizing on the price discrepancy between search engine advertising platforms and other advertising networks. It’s a strategy where advertisers purchase traffic from one platform at a lower cost and redirect it to another platform where they can monetize it at a higher rate. This practice requires a keen understanding of market dynamics, keyword bidding strategies, and ad performance metrics to arbitrage the traffic and generate profitable returns effectively.

What intrigues me about search arbitrage is its potential to unlock new revenue streams while optimizing ad spend and maximizing ROI—a win-win scenario for advertisers and publishers alike.


What challenges do you anticipate encountering as you explore search monetization, and how do you plan to overcome them?

As with any new venture, I anticipate encountering a few challenges as I delve into search monetization. One challenge could be navigating the complexities of search engine algorithms and advertising policies to ensure compliance and maximize campaign effectiveness. Additionally, identifying and targeting the right keywords to capture high-intent traffic may require some trial and error.

However, I’m confident that with a data-driven approach with the help of Swaarm, continuous optimization, and a willingness to adapt, these challenges can be overcome. By staying informed, leveraging best practices, and remaining agile in our strategies, we can successfully navigate the landscape of search monetization and unlock its full potential.


How do you envision integrating search monetization strategies into your current marketing efforts?

Integrating search monetization strategies into our current marketing efforts represents an exciting opportunity to enhance our overall performance and drive even greater value for our clients. By leveraging the wealth of data and insights available through our chosen tracking platform, Swarm, we can refine our targeting, personalize our messaging, and optimize our ad creative to better resonate with our audience.

Additionally, by diversifying our advertising channels and exploring new avenues for monetization, we can mitigate risk and capture opportunities in an increasingly competitive landscape. Ultimately, integrating search monetization into our toolkit allows us to broaden our reach, deepen our impact, and deliver measurable results that align with our clients’ business objectives.


Beyond Acquisition: Unveiling the Power of Search Monetization

Akib Ali with Swaarm’s Operation Lead, Ioana Mănăilă at IGB London in February 2024


How do you plan to measure the success of your search monetization efforts, and what metrics will be most important to you?

As we embark on our search monetization journey, measuring success will be paramount to our strategy. Leveraging the robust tracking capabilities of Swaarm, we’ll be able to accurately monitor and analyze key performance metrics across our search campaigns.

From conversion rates, to latency and traffic quality to return on ad spend and lifetime value, Swaarm provides us with comprehensive insights into the effectiveness of our search monetization efforts. By closely monitoring these metrics in real-time, we can identify areas for optimization, iterate on our strategies, and maximize our ROI.

With Swaarm as our trusted tracking platform, we have the confidence and visibility we need to drive success in our search monetization endeavors.


Akib, looking ahead, what do you see as the future of search monetization, and how do you plan to position yourself to capitalize on emerging opportunities?

Looking ahead, I see search monetization as a pivotal component of the future of digital advertising. By embracing emerging opportunities and staying ahead of industry trends, I’m confident that our continued investment in search monetization will enable us to drive sustained growth, deliver value to our clients, and remain at the forefront of the adtech landscape.