Grow your mobile app or game with mobile marketing automation: 4 best practices you need to know

Mobile marketing automation is a smart way to drive growth for your mobile app. An Invespcro report found that 80% of marketing automation users see improved lead generation, and 77% see more conversions. If you are looking for ways to grow your mobile app or game with mobile marketing automation, this guide is designed to help. We cover four ways you can use automation for app growth and detail how each process works.


What is mobile marketing automation?

Mobile marketing automation is a technology that can complete marketing tasks autonomously based on a series of rules and triggers. It can perform these tasks at humanly impossible speed and scale. Mobile marketing automation is also a smart way to boost app engagement.


What are the advantages of mobile marketing automation?

This software has several benefits for mobile marketers. For example, it can complete laborious tasks and save marketers time. Nucleus Research found that marketing automation tools can improve productivity by approximately 20%.

Other advantages include increased lead generation, app engagement, revenue, and app growth. Adestra found that the main objectives when implementing marketing automation as part of a marketer’s strategy was to optimize productivity (43%), increase marketing ROI  (41%) and improve campaign management (40%). You can learn more about who can benefit from mobile marketing automation with our guide.


How to grow your mobile app or game with mobile marketing automation

Before using automation tools to optimize your marketing strategy, it is important to learn the many ways in which they can drive growth. This ranges from automation technology that can be used for social media to automated email marketing. With this in mind, here are 4 ways you can grow your mobile app or game with mobile marketing automation, and how each practice works.


1. Social media automation

Social media offers ample opportunity for mobile marketers to drive growth. Although the channels you choose to use may vary depending on the nature of your app, there are platforms suitable for every vertical. For example, B2B companies may be more focused on generating leads via LinkedIn while mobile games can leverage social media giants such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.


Let’s look at Twitter as an example. The social platform has 396.5 million users and 206 million daily active users (DAUs). Mobile apps – such as mobile games – can use this activity to build a community and drive growth.

Why you should implement social media automation tools:

You can use automation to manage and grow your social media channels. This includes automating tasks such as scheduled posting, automated data reports, and monitoring social media campaigns. In fact, Instapage found that companies can save more than 6 hours per week by automating their social media posts and ads.

How social media automation tools work:

Social media automation tools available to marketers include SocialPilotShareItHootSuiteBuzzsumoHubspot, and Sprout Social. These all offer various features related to social media management. For example, with SocialPilot you can automate social media publishing, audience targeting, analytics, moderate chat on Facebook, and control Facebook ad campaigns Lead Ads or Boost Post.


2. Social media chatbots

A smart way to grow your mobile app or game with mobile marketing automation is with social media chatbots. This is an automated messaging service that can be implemented across your social media channels, enabling users to ask a bot anything related to customer support.

How social media chatbots work:

Many chatbots work the same as other automation tools: they are programmed to identify certain ‘rules’, which in this case would be keywords and key phrases. They can then serve users with the information relevant to their request. Marketers can also opt to implement a chatbot with machine learning, meaning that this technology makes better decisions over time.


Why you should implement social media chatbots:

One of the most significant advantages of chatbot tools is that it enables markets to offer 24/7 support at a humanly impossible scale. This is why chatbots can help save up to 30% of customer support costs.

This can lead to app growth in several ways. Firstly, marketers have more time to focus on their strategic decisions. Secondly, optimized user experiences make it easier for users to log in, overcome issues with their onboarding and gain a satisfying user experience.


3. Push notifications

Push notifications are alerts that appear on a user’s home screen and lock screen. As long as the user has opted-in to receive push notifications, they can be sent by mobile apps that are installed on a user’s device.

How push notifications work:

Firstly, the user must have your app installed. Secondly, they must opt-in to receive this type of notification. Prompting users to enable push notifications during the onboarding process is a smart way to start your relationship with users. You should also remember to include the value of push notifications (such as unique rewards) in your creative.

Why you should implement push notifications:

Push notifications are a smart way to retain users for longer and provide a superior user experience. For example, you can identify how long the average user users your app before they churn. You can then automate push notifications to engage these users before this time frame. For mobile games, you can encourage users to return by offering an in-app reward.


4. Email marketing

Another way you can grow your mobile app or game with mobile marketing automation is with email. This type of marketing is a traditional online marketing method that can still generate results. Email has remained a popular way for users to communicate with brands, and this can be leveraged to drive growth.

How email marketing automation works:

Users will have to opt-in to receive your marketing emails. Just like push notifications, it is important to encourage users to sign up by sharing their values. For example, these emails may include special offers and unique rewards for your mobile game.

Why you should implement automated email marketing:

Email marketing includes everything from regular newsletters to personalized emails that are sent automatically based on trigger rules. Triggered emails have higher open rates and click-through rates than routine newsletters. This is likely due to their timeliness and relevance to the user.

Email marketing automation tools available to marketers include SendinblueMailchimpMailjetHubspot, and Drip.



There are several ways to grow your mobile app or game with mobile marketing automation. Examples of this include social media automation tools, automated push notifications, and email marketing. These tools present ample opportunity to save time with automation, retain users with personalized messages and build a community across multiple channels.

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