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ad network integration
Ad Network

Everything you need to know about ad network integration

Advertisers and publishers can benefit greatly from ad network integration. This article will help you understand what ad networks do and their role…

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supply side platform
Ad Network

What exactly is a supply side platform (SSP), and what are the benefits of an SSP?

What is a supply side platform (SSP)? How do they help publishers sell their ad inventory efficiently? This article covers this and other elements rel…

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mobile user acquisition
Best Practices

A comparison of organic versus paid mobile user acquisition

When Apple launched the iOS app store in 2008, there were around 500 apps. Today, however, …

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channel partner management
Affiliate Marketing

The ultimate guide to channel partner management

What is Channel partner management? Here’s the ultimate guide that will explain everything about channel partner management.

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partner marketing
Affiliate Marketing

How to conduct competitive research before launching your own partner marketing program

Competitor research can help you launch your affiliate or partner marketing program more effectively. Check this article to learn methods you can…

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partner lifecycle management
Best Practices

What is partner lifecycle management?

Understanding partner lifecycle management is crucial if you want your business to be successful. Channel partner …

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