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detect ad fraud
Ad Fraud

10 ways to identify and prevent mobile ad fraud

To prevent financial loss, advertisers and ad networks have to use various tools and methods to …

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ad fraud
Ad Fraud

Everything you need to know about mobile ad fraud

What is mobile ad fraud? And how does it stop marketers from reaching their goals? This …

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everything you know about ad network
Ad Network

Everything you need to know about ad networks

By the end of 2022, global ad spend is estimated to have reached a whopping $808 …

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types of mobile ad fraud
Ad Fraud

10 types of mobile ad frauds you should know about

The ultimate goal of any advertiser is to reach the right audience and generate traffic on …

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10 steps to find the best ad network
Ad Network

10 Ways to identify the best ad network

Post-pandemic, global advertising revenue has grown by 24.3% to $772.4 billion. By the end of 2026, …

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Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing? 11 things to look for in an affiliate marketing tracking software

In the US, companies spent $1.6 billion in 2010 on affiliate marketing. In 2022, this amount …

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ad network integration
Ad Network

Everything you need to know about ad network integration

Ads are crucial for commercial growth. Paid advertisements can generate a 200% return on investments (ROI) …

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supply side platform
Ad Network

What exactly is a supply side platform (SSP), and what are the benefits of an SSP?

Having a grasp of advertising history will help get you to grips with what a supply …

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