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customer acquisition strategies
Best Practices

5 Strategies to boost acquisition for B2C startups

5 content acquisition strategies that will boost your B2C startup. Mastering these techniques will help you reach more customers.
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Customer acquisition plan
Best Practices

How to build a user acquisition plan for your app

Designing the perfect customer acquisition plan will obviously lower your customer acquisition cost. But by combining various strategies,
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Best Practices

Understanding website tracking: a complete guide

What is website tracking, and why should businesses use it? This article will explain everything you need to know about this topic...
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affiliate marketing platform
Best Practices

Boost your affiliate game: the ultimate guide to choosing automated tracking tools

How do companies pick the right affiliate marketing platform to keep track of their campaigns? Here are some simple steps in choosing the best aff... ...
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Why content marketing is important?
Best Practices

Content marketing for skyrocketing user acquisition

Why content marketing is important? This article will explain how it can help boost your user-acquisition strategies
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Customer Acquisition Cost
Best Practices

Mobile user acquisition gone wrong: Learn from these 7 mistakes

You can reduce customer acquisition cost by avoiding the following mistakes. Avoiding these mistakes will help you save money as well reach your...
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marketing automation can supercharge your website tracking
Industry Insights

8 Ways marketing automation can supercharge your website tracking

How can businesses boost their growth using website visitor tracking? Read this article to learn about ways and strategies.
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tracking website traffic through Google analytics
Best Practices

How does Google Analytics help in website tracking

Google Analytics is one of the most efficient ways of tracking website traffic. Read this article to understand how it helps businesses...
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mobile user acquisition strategies
Best Practices

Unlocking success: Powerful user acquisition strategies for mobile gaming apps

Discover powerful mobile user acquisition strategies to skyrocket your game downloads! Attract new users and boost your app's visibility with proven tactics. Level up your ...
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