What does mobile marketing automation mean for mobile marketers?

The mobile marketing landscape is constantly changing due to innovative tools, optimized practices and industry trends. An example of developments in this fast-paced industry is mobile marketing automation. This has the power to transform the daily lives of marketers and provide insights and information that help them achieve their targets more efficiently. As the adoption of mobile marketing automation becomes more widespread, we answer a critical question: What does mobile marketing automation mean for mobile marketers?


What is mobile marketing automation and what does it mean for mobile marketers?

Mobile marketing automation is the application of automated processes to complete actions relevant to a mobile marketer’s goals. This technology can be leveraged for managing large databases and targeting users with precision and timing that is otherwise impossible. Types of mobile marketing automation include the management of mobile channels, segmentation and personalization, automated customer support and real-time messaging, analytics, and enhanced integration with data sources such as other apps installed on a device.

mobile marketing automation mean for mobile marketers


3 ways mobile marketing automation will change your daily operations as a mobile marketer

If we want to know what mobile marketing automation means for mobile marketers in 2022 and beyond, we have to look at the changes it will bring throughout the ecosystem. There are several ways mobile marketing automation will change the daily lives of mobile marketers all over the world. Here are three examples of considerable changes to daily operations and how they can be leveraged to push toward your marketing goals.


1. You will gain more time to focus on analysis and other tasks that require your expertise

Mobile marketers can use automation tools to complete laborious manual tasks that would otherwise take up their time. Although this still requires marketers to set the rules and parameters by which the automated technology can complete tasks, this is incomparable to the hours needed to complete these tasks manually. Moreover, these tasks can be completed and managed at a humanly impossible speed. A major advantage to this is that the mobile marketer has more time to focus on data analysis and other actions that optimize their overall workflow.

Examples of laborious tasks that can be automated include media buying and accepting or rejecting offers. Programmatic media buying helps publishers connect with customers with the highest bid for their inventory. Automation platforms can help mobile marketers approve offers based on controlled criteria. You can also use set KPI criteria to automatically pause traffic on underperforming channels.


2. You will gain data-driven insights that empower you to push towards ambitious targets

The use of mobile marketing automation also gives you access to automated reports and everything you need to perform A/B tests. This is a critical advantage that provides you with the data-driven insights needed to achieve your targets and identify new ways to acquire high-value users.

A/B testing: The ability to easily segment users into cohorts gives you everything you need to perform insightful A/B tests. You can use this to learn how changes to your app and advertising creative effects any number of KPIs. For example, you can make a change to your in-app ad creative and expose each variant to lookalike audiences. These groups are created automatically based on criteria set by the marketer, such as demographic, in-app behavior, and geolocation.

Data reports: Automated reports are a smart way for mobile marketers to spot trends that will help them optimize their marketing – without any additional manual work. This enables them to dive deeper into performance and make strategic choices that will push them towards their targets. For example, automated reports can be used to identify churn after a set period of time. This helps marketers identify the opportune moment to reengage users before their leave the app.


3. You will have new ways to efficiently build and maintain long-term relationships with your users

Mobile marketing automation also provides you with everything you need to maintain long-term relationships with users and build brand loyalty. For example, personalized messaging can make users feel appreciated by your brand while automated customer support helps them access the help they need within seconds.

Personalization: When asked what mobile marketing automation means for mobile marketers, many industry experts would put personalization right at the top of their list. This powerful marketing tool can help you improve a customer’s user experience and consequently improve KPIs such as churn, retention, and Return on Investment (ROI). 71% of consumers are frustrated by shopping experiences that are impersonal, showing that this is now an expectation for most users across all channels. Personalization can be something as small as including a user’s name in your email marketing, but these changes create a cohesive, personal experience that creates brand loyalty and recognition.

Customer support: Machine learning and automated technology such as chatbots can be used to offer 24/7 support to your users – regardless of their location and timezone. This is a smart way to leverage automation and give users the tools they need to independently find frequently asked questions and procedures that are relevant to them. Users benefit greatly from a support system that works at a humanly impossible speed, with 68% of consumers having a positive experience with chatbots due to their immediate availability.

These long-term relationships are critical to prolonging Lifetime Value (LTV). The more appreciated a user feels – and the faster they can navigate their way through problems – the more likely they are to keep your app installed and regularly engage.


How can Swaarm help you with mobile marketing automation?

Our automation suite has everything you need to leverage automation to achieve your marketing goals. We are a widely proven technology platform that manages over 30 billion events every day. We have automation tools for approving offers, turning off underperforming traffic sources and a network syncer to import and set up offers from several partners. Moreover, migration to our platform is automated and we have real-time automated CR.



What does mobile marketing automation mean for mobile marketers? The mobile marketing landscape is constantly changing and automation will shape the daily operations of mobile marketers around the world. This technology can be leveraged for managing large databases and targeting users with humanly impossible speed and precision. When adopting mobile marketing automation you will find gain more time to focus on analysis and other tasks that require your skills. Another benefit is automated, data-driven insights that empower you to push towards ambitious targets. You can also use automation to build long-term relationships with your customers and prolong LTV.
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