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best affiliate marketing programs
Best Practices

10 factors to consider to pick the best affiliate marketing programs

How do you find the best affiliate marketing programs? Here are 10 steps to finding the best affiliate programs to help you earn more.
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What is affiliate marketing
Best Practices

What is affiliate marketing? Everything you need to know about it!

What is affiliate marketing? How many companies and individuals use this digital marketing strategy to generate income? Read this article to find out
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affiliate email marketing
Best Practices

Everything you need to know about launching an affiliate email marketing campaign

As an affiliate marketer, one way to find success is by mastering affiliate email marketing. Learn why email marketing is best for affiliates and how...
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affiliate marketing program
Best Practices

15 strategies that will help you succeed in affiliate marketing

You need to use the right strategies to win in affiliate marketing. Picking the right affiliate marketing program and doing a few more things will ...
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mobile game marketing
Best Practices

The ultimate guide to mobile game marketing – 2022

Mobile game marketing tactics and techniques can help your mobile game app scale quickly. Learn everything you need about app marketing...
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iGB Affiliate London

Our highlights of iGB affiliate London 2022

Here are some highlights of iGB affiliate London 2022 from our end. Stefano, our sales head attended the event and here are some highlights.
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strategic content marketing
Best Practices

12 ways to promote your mobile game with strategic content marketing plan

Mobile games are becoming popular as more people play them on their mobile devices. If you're not using a strategic content marketing...
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What is paid advertising?
Best Practices

What is paid advertising? 8 types of paid ads and their benefits

What is paid advertising? Here’s how you can use paid advertising to scale your business, acquire customers, and scale your business
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casual mobile game
Best Practices

How to advertise a casual mobile game in 2022

Are you building a casual mobile game? That’s great. In this article, you will learn how to advertise your mobile game app to reach wider ...
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